His last days as a Seven Year Old

A little sneak peek of a few of the many photos I have taken on our #NDsummervacay.

Every one of these photos features Michael. Tomorrow is July 9th 2014 and that is Michael’s last day as a seven-year-old. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings but not a lot of words. Maybe by the 10th I will be able to write what I am feeling about my boy turning eight but for now, enjoy a few photos of Michael Donovan.

IMG_4550 IMG_5314 IMG_6074 IMG_6322 IMG_6530

2 thoughts on “His last days as a Seven Year Old

  1. Jess

    What a special photo of him with your mom! I was gutted when Cooper graduates to size 3 diapers today so I can’t even imagine how you’re feeling as Michael nears the big 8!

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