We are home.

The kids and I have been gone for two whole weeks.

Before I allow myself to dump photos I need to tackle our jungle of a lawn, a mountain of laundry and unpack.

It is great to be home but I did not miss all the responsibility that comes with being a home owner. It is always more fun to do dishes at family member’s home while chatting and catching up with loved ones than it is to tackle the dishes at home while listing all your other to-dos in your head while you scrub eggs off a frying pan.

My motivation is clear, I am getting chores done so I can play with my camera and editing software.

Ready. Set. Check email. Check Facebook. Check Instagram. Check Twitter. Check email again to see if any new important emails appeared like free lawn mowing service for tired moms. No free lawn services so… Go!


One thought on “We are home.

  1. Rikki

    Oh I couldn’t agree more! After trip clean up is what I dread most about an adventure. Although, the kids are getting older and able to help more, so that’s a plus!

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