Around the Cabin Camera Fun

There was plenty of down time while we were at my parents’ Cabin and usually during that time I snuck in some time with just me and my camera. I really like taking photos and I really like taking breaks and walking away from my kids for a while.

Anyone up for some rock checkers?

If you have been following this blog for a while you know that around the time of each of our kiddos had their first birthday we planted a tree at the cabin. It was a wonderful idea and worked well for a while but the beautiful leafy trees we bought just couldn’t stand up to all the wildlife. Deer destroyed Michael’s first tree, a Beaver cut down Patrick’s tree and I think a beaver also chewed down Elise’s tree too.

The solution to the cycle of birthday trees was to plant evergreens. So here are each of the kid’s evergreens.


Mostly when I had time to play with my camera I messed around with Macro shooting.

And of course there were flowers. Tons of flower photos.

More photos here. 

Make sure to continue scrolling down, I snuck in a 4th of July post late last night that you don’t want to miss.

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