9 Years

Today, I’ve been married to this woman for 9 years.  A woman who takes a thousand pictures, and isn’t in any of them, so we can have a record of our kids growing up before it all flies by.

A woman who, just yesterday, gave our daughter a set of hand made doll sleeping bags, complete with hand made doll tent, because she couldn’t find one after searching for months for the perfect gift.  If I can’t find the gift I’m looking for, I give up and buy a gift card.  Meg?  She makes it from scratch!

This is a woman who keeps us all in line (mostly me), and makes sure we eat all of our vegetables (mostly me), and makes sure we are nice to others (mostly me).

She has huge, grand ideas for things, and dives into them head first without any trepidation.  And no matter how many times I explain to her how hard it is, or that she didn’t plan everything through, or how it’s straight-up impossible, she always makes it work anyway.  And in doing so she shows me that the things I thought impossible, and the things I thought I couldn’t do, are possible, and that I can do them.  And she does the same thing for our kids.

For that, I can’t thank her enough, and she the perfect mother, and wife.
Happy Anniversary.


P.S. I really tried hard to find a picture with just Meg in it, but I don’t think one exists.  I should probably get behind the camera more.



This is the cake I made Meg for her birthday:

And this is the cake she made for Elise:

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