She is Four!

This what I love about four-year-olds…

When I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday while we waited for hours and hours and hours for Dad to come home from work so she could open presents and eat cake, she said without any hesitation, “GO TO A NEW PARK and then gooooooooooo SWIMMING!”

So that is what we did.

My little girl isn’t so little anymore and it is getting easier and easier for her to keep up with her big brothers. This is bittersweet for me. It is so much fun to see her brothers beginning to play with her as an equal, but also so sad that my last baby isn’t a baby any more.

Patrick is drawn to water. Even if it is just a cup of water he needs to have it. He needs to experiment with it. He needs to make a giant puddley wet mess.

Michael playing a new game he made up called “Nature Ball”

After the park we had lunch, Auntie Buffy came over and gave Elise her birthday present of decorating Elise’s hand me down boy’s bike with some pink princess accessories. Then the kids went swimming while Beth watched all their tricks, and I baked the cake.

Elise had her favorite Noodles N Company mac n cheese for dinner and then we finally let her open presents.

She got a tent, sleeping bags and a lantern for her dolls.


And then after a ridiculous amount of searching I found some matching Dolly and Me Pajamas. If you are ever looking for matching girl and doll pajamas go to Kohl’s. I found many options and they were on clearance for $9 a set.


She loved the pajamas, and I love them too because Elise can dress herself and the dolls all by herself. I originally was looking for flannel button up pajamas, but I am so glad I couldn’t find any. These pull on shifts are perfect and she can change them as much as she want without my help! Being able to do that makes her feel like a big girl and she gets to practice some independence AND she isn’t always bugging me for help with tiny buttons. Win Win.


The cake, you saw photos of two days ago. I love a good theme and we kinda took the camping theme and ran with it.


The Graham crackers covered in pink icing were her favorite part.

My favorite photos from the day were this sweet moment after cake.

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