Halloween 2014

Trying to get a photo of these three together is getting easier. I can now get them all in the frame of the shot with out tears unlike their first Halloween with all three of them!

Now the problem is that once I get them in the frame there is no telling what will happen, especially when they are in costume. I have to say that the theatre geek in me is quite impressed at how committed the boys were to their characters.

They are silly and wonderful kids.

Here they are in full Minnesota Halloween costumes. Harry Potter was the best costume for the cold weather. Dorothy was the worst. Thank goodness the coat from last year’s Eloise costume still fits her. The fleece lined leggings helped keep her warm too.

Tim took this photo for me before we headed out to Trick or Treat.

The stars and stripes on their costumes are glow in the dark tape. Safety first when running around the neighborhood at night asking strangers for candy!


Toto made the trip around the block too. I think this may be the last year I pull the wagon while trick or treating.

The kids chose two candies each when we got home. Then they put on pjs and sat in front of the fireplace to thaw out.

The sugar crash happened shortly after.


more photos here.

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