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Today was a long day for us. The kids didn’t sleep well last night. I could have sworn they somehow were snuck a dozen cookies by each Grandma for all the energy they had at bedtime last night. The bad sleep led to a rough start to the day. When they came home from school they were beyond exhausted and were sensitive and cranky. If they were under 2 years old I would have said it was a needy, fussy day but since they are older now I will say that they are high maintenance brats had a bad day and tomorrow will be another chance for a good day.

On top of the sleepless night, today was also a big day for Michael but he doesn’t really know that. You ask him about his day and he would tell you “Mom and Dad had a meeting with teachers and I had South West style chicken salad for lunch and that is my favorite.” You ask Tim and I how our day was and we would say the three letters that are dreaded most by parents of kids with special services in the public school system. IEP.

Today was Michael’s yearly meeting and it went better than expected thanks in part to a few wonderful staff members at Michael school, but mostly it went great because of my Aunt. My Aunt has worked with special need kids for many, many years and not only did she give us tips to help the meeting go better but she also gave me the go ahead to bust some balls and get shit done. Something about hearing from someone who has worked within the system for years, giving us the green light to push harder, ask harder questions and expect more from the system, was so liberating and empowering. The meeting took over an hour and a half and I left feeling hopeful.


So today, I have nothing to say about the photos I just uploaded. Right now I am just decompressing and trying to keep my eyes open long enough to click, publish. So here, this is the link. Go look at the photos.

Today could have been a really, really rough day but it wasn’t. I am proud of Tim and I as parents. I am proud of Tim and I as husband and wife because this is undeniably a team effort. I am grateful to my family for their continued support and for always being on Team Michael.


Life is good and I feel blessed.

Save draft. Click Publish. Go to sleep.


4 thoughts on “Go look at the photos

  1. Nama

    Great pictures – makes me wish we could go outside and spend another day with everyone playing. I love those days when we are all outside enjoying the coulee. As for Michael – Go Michael! We all have your back! Tim and Meg – continue to kick ass! Love you all!

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