Tim’s AGM was in Vegas this year. We didn’t bring the kids because my sister is the best sister and Aunt ever. Beth moved in for four days and Tim and I moved out. I didn’t realize how badly I needed a break and time away from the kids until I was gone.

I love my kids but man, a break from the responsibility was just what I needed. Tim and I hadn’t had a night away from the kids together in almost 2 years since the last time Beth took the kids for us. Have I mentioned that my sister is the best?!

Almost the entire four-day conference we were at Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa. There were a lot of company activities but we and a few friends of ours managed to get away from the resort for a few hours to go to Red Rock Canyon.

It was so hot. Vegas in June is no joke. The car temps read 112. But we hiked anyway. It was a dry heat and it felt so good to be away from we didn’t mind the temp.

Here are a few photos from our hike.


more photos here.


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