We are the Shannons.

We started this blog seven years ago to keep our large family up to date about the pregnancy of our first child. We have kept the blog going over the years and have grown to love it. What used to be a place to write a quick post about a milestone achieved by our baby has become a virtual scrap book of our lives. We post about the kids, the DIY projects we do around the house, our hobbies, recipes we have tried and trips we take. This is our life. The good, the bad, the achievements, the fails. It really is a blog about everything and nothing.

I am Megan L. Shannon. You may remember me as Megan Clute. Most people call me Meg. My kids call me, “MOM!” I do most of the writing and photo uploading on the blog. I am a notorious project starter. I love to be creative. I have a BA in Theatre that I don’t use professionally, in fact I don’t do anything professionally, I am a stay at home mom. Most days I love being a SAHM, some days I watch the clock and count the minutes until the kids go to bed so I can have a glass of wine and dream up another project to add to the To Do list. I have dreams of mastering the art of photography and with out sufficient amount of UV rays I am impossible to live with.

I am married to the most wonderful geek, Tim Shannon. He is in charge of keeping the blog working so when you click something- something actually happens! He is the bread winner of the family and he keeps the family grounded. Without Tim’s logic our home would be even more chaotic. Tim’s favorite way to unwind is to hide out in the basement in front of computer with the curtains drawn programming in computer languages I can’t even begin to understand. What can I say, opposites attract.

These are our kids.

Michael is the oldest of three. He is seven years old and is an information sponge. He is so smart. Don’t believe me? Ask him about volcanoes. Michael is a rule follower and rule enforcer. His literal take on the world is equally fascinating and hilarious. He is by far the funniest person in our family.

Patrick is our youngest boy and second born. He is six going on 13. Patrick is a master manipulator and has a smile that melts your heart – a lethal combination. He is driven by passion and nothing else. He loves music and his favorite song is Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain. He is the child that is most like me and he drives me nuts. He is my Karma Kid. I believe every parent should have to raise a miniature version of themselves.

Elise is the baby of the family and our only daughter. She is now  three  years old and has her Daddy and everyone she meets wrapped around her little finger. She is equal parts princess and tomboy. She is equally happy playing in the dirt with her brothers or dancing like a princess with her dolls. I love that about her.

Lucy is our mutt. Her mother was a beautiful pure bred red golden that had a one night stand with a mystery mutt. Lucy is seven years old and isn’t fat. She suffers from a thyroid condition. There is a difference.

Astrid is the newest addition to the family. We adopted her from a local animal rescue as an 8 week old kitten after she was found in a dumpster. She is a tough alley cat that doesn’t take crap from anyone, especially Lucy.

We live in Minnesota. We bought a foreclosed home and over the last five years we have been slowly fixing it up. We love our home but Tim’s job has moved us before and will move us again. For now, I am relishing every minute being a home owner. Just ask Tim, the house projects never end!




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Lacy

    hey megan & tim – CONGRATS!!! glad everything went well today and we’re happy for you guys!
    we just watched your video of michael taking his first steps – how precious that you got it on video!! thats really neat.

  2. Barbara T.

    Ditto on the CONGRATULATIONS !! Lacy passed on your URL to me and I viewed your photos this morning! What a fantastic website…. I enjoyed seeing the newest member of your family and Jim and I wish you all the best as you recover and get to know this new little guy.
    XO from Springfield!

  3. Kathy Sirois

    Tim and Megan,

    I was poking around your blog to see if you guys had the baby yet (congrats on beautiful PJ!!!!) and saw that you are thinking about moving to cottage grove! I got so excited that I forgot to read why you are moving, so I will go back and read, but I have to tell you that I LIVE IN COTTAGE GROVE (st paul park actually, which is about a block away from the grove, in fact i have to go to cottage grove every day to buy anything). I’m living with my boyfriend Brad, who was the general contractor of our home…well anyway I wanted to let you know that he is not only a general contractor but also a realtor and has known cottage grove the entire 29 years of his existance…If you guys need any help let us know! We live in a townhome his dad designed and he built and their are still ones like ours available, Lucy is welcome, Email me! We can help with anything, not just townhomes. Hope to hear from you! Now I have to go back and see why you are moving 🙂 Miss you both, Kathy from JC

  4. Phil Haaland (Grandma Marj's "little brother" )

    Hi Meg and Tim, Sis Marj just happened to call me tonight with a question, “Phil, have you ever seen Meg and Tim’s blog?” Of course the answer was “no” and furthermore it’s a mutual understanding that our two families know hardly anything about each other. I am sending this message to let you know how thoroughly enjoyable and refreshing your blog is for LaVae and me! Your blog; containing your wonderfully written and ongoing family narrative, the captivating family photos (containing a most impressive collection of professional level photography), the chronological assortment of family videos, and more, are all a “treat” sent by Marj which has absolutely made our day! Even though our two families are essentially at the “heard of” stage, spending time on your blog tonight was just as though LaVae and I had spent a bit of quality time with your family. As a firm believer in sharing positive feedback whenever appropriate, I just couldn’t let the night come to a close without sending this note. I thank Grandma Marj for giving LaVae and me an opportunity to get to know you more! Phil and LaVae

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