December – 2007

Pictures from December 2007

39 thoughts on “December – 2007

  1. Tim

    He spent all morning trying to sit in either this bowl, or one of the other twelve pieces of tupperware that he pulled out of the cupboards.

  2. Ben

    Reminds me of that scene in The Good The Bad and The Ugly where there are standing around that bag of gold at the end. I wonder who “the good” one is here?

  3. Beth

    This one is so cute! i love when michael puts his hands behind his head…he’s just relaxin in his chair. and it makes it even better that PJ has a big smile on his face.

  4. Tim

    He loves to smile. If you walk into a room where he’s supposed to be sleeping, he’ll wake up just so he can smile at you.

  5. Tim

    poor kid could barely move, but he loved every minute of it. Except the part where we had to put his coat on.

  6. Tim

    This picture is really strange, but I love it, because it’s really a family portrait, but we’re coming at you from all angles.

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