January – 2007

Pictures from January 2007

6 thoughts on “January – 2007

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  2. Rachel

    I have to say that the range of emotion in this picture, when you line it up next to the following 4 or 5 pictures in a slideshow, makes my day. I don’t mean that I was necessarily laughing at my nephew’s crying face, but even when he appears to be so unhappy, he still manages to be the cutest thing around! It’s unbelievable how much he’s grown up in the past few months… I feel like I need another, newer picture of him in my wallet because the one I have now (3 months) is such a long time ago. :~) He’s growing up too fast! Thanks Tim and Meg for being so diligent with the photos and videos and postings!

    Love ya guys!

  3. Megan

    He is a natural! There is a bit of Clute in him after all. Grandpa Clute would have been so proud to see him swimmin’ like a fish!

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