September – 2007

Pictures from September 2007

23 thoughts on “September – 2007

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  2. Meg

    You can really tell in this picture that he is growing into a little Tim. Look at those eyes. Definitely Tim.

  3. Megan

    Beth is such a good aunt, she took Michael out onto the FB field before the game started. I am sure it was part of an elaborate scheme to turn him into an athlete, but still very cool of her. No other kids got to run around on the turf!

  4. Tim

    This picture is deceiving. He’s usually next to his high-chair screaming and banging on it when it’s time to eat.

    Of course he always has to pose for a picture.

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  6. Meg

    I think he liked watching the Tubas in the marching band more than the actual game. Thats my boy!

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