April – 2008

Pictures from April 2008

17 thoughts on “April – 2008

  1. Tim

    Michael was helping me unwrap my new very expensive computer hardware. Except he couldn’t wait for me to come home.

  2. Beth

    man….this is soo adorable…he is SOO cute…now i really can’t focus on studying…oh well

  3. Rachel

    This picture reminds me so much of another one you guys took of Michael at about the same age! Love it!

  4. Abby

    This picture is soo cute! he looks so precious…ps this is beth but it won’t work for me so i’m trying something out 😉

  5. Beth

    Is he trying to eat dirt?!?! cuz i could tell him it’s not the greatest thing in the world 😉 right meg….echy!

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