August – 2008

7 thoughts on “August – 2008

  1. Beth

    nice visor michael! i dont know how i feel about this no commenting on each photo..;) you should post pics of your purple door!! 🙂 the boys are so cute! can’t wait to see them. oh and the deck is looking good

  2. Tim Post author

    It’s not purple… Well it kind of is, but it looks good. I think meg was waiting for some good light to get pictures. We’ll probably post them later.

  3. Meg

    not waiting so much for the good lighting, as I am waiting for it to turn the perfect shade of blue, and not be so purple 😉

  4. Tim Post author

    Check out Michael’s new boots. They keep his feet dry when he’s playing in the pool. To bad he pours water on himself, or else he might come out dry

  5. Beth

    The door doesn’t look too purple…and..i LOVE michael’s boots!! the boys are soo cute! i can’t get over it. and michael has his first girlfriend, that’s so cute!

  6. Jess

    I love Michael’s outfit for pool play. I just know that photo is going to come back to haunt him, though…perhaps in a high school grad album or something. We’ll still think it’s adorable then. The house is looking great, guys!

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