January – 2008

Pictures from January 2008

17 thoughts on “January – 2008

  1. Beth

    oh man…i don’t think i’ve seen these pictures…he looks so cute in this one. i like how it’s black and white…you guys make the cutest kids!

  2. Beth

    i don’t even know what’s happening in the picture?? hmm… we were probably screaming at each other again…we like to do that

  3. Beth

    oh man he’s a cutie! so precious…until he reaches about michael’s age then he’ll be a little mischevious little thing like his older brother

  4. Tim

    We needed to head out the door before it got too late, and we were waiting for Michael to wake up, but he just wouldn’t move. We opened the door, and even took a bunch of pictures without him even stirring.

    It’s nice to catch him in his natural state with his blanky.

  5. Steve

    That’s so cute. Michael better watch his back. He’ll lose more than a chair once Patrick learns how to walk.

  6. Beth

    oh man…that’s classic! he’s like “check this out big brother…i’m sweet…i stole your couch!”

  7. Kristen

    Hey, thought I would come check out your website. Probably a good thing you strip him down before you give him spagetti? Maybe you learned from experience. Cute pic anyways lol.

  8. Steve

    He’s out of his teething phase and into his butt phase where he will learn about things with his butt.

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