July – 2008

Pictures from July 2008

22 thoughts on “July – 2008

  1. Meg

    you were wearing a dress, even if it was a “walk of shame dress” and you were hung over, you were wearing a dress and it needed to be noted! 😉

  2. Steve

    I don’t know what Patrick was after but he didn’t let anything stand in his way.

  3. Steve

    Why aren’t kids afraid of Ronald? Look at that statue and tell me you aren’t running away in terror.

  4. Tim

    Except for the fact that he would keep adding soap to the car after I rinsed it. I had to go back and clean the front of the car 4-5 times

  5. Beth

    well…you should’ve taken one when i actually looked decent, as in the night of the wedding…well before the wedding at least. 😉

  6. Meg

    He fell asleep with the straw in his mouth on the way home from the zoo. It was a very big day!

  7. Beth

    hmm…what a nice looking family…aren’t you missing someone?? oh wait…i had to be the picture taker.

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