June – 2008

Pictures from June 2008

41 thoughts on “June – 2008

  1. Steve

    Sergey Brin? (sorry Tim, it’s going in the book along with Mickey Hoeven) Larry Page is the name that I always associate with Google.

  2. Meg

    Ok, so Mikey wasn’t the best choice. I do agree. But Tim ALWAYS puts in names NO ONE knows!
    p.s. I LOVE THAT GAME!!!

  3. Meg

    Ben: We will get this darn quilt done when I am down for the wedding/our birthdays…I promise!

  4. Meg

    Tim’s Fathers day cake. One of Tim’s favorites!Yellow cake, chocolate frosting with nutty bar crumbs on top. (beth added a fully nutty bar on top for… decoration?!)

  5. Beth

    i wonder if the water is as warm as it was when we played together in the pool in the backyard?! haha 😉

  6. Megan

    Michael was just waking up for the day. 1/2 naked sopping wet and ready to start the day but loving the big kid bed! 🙂

  7. Jess

    Looks like he’s thinking pretty hard about this new situation. 2 times on the potty on the first day is great! Go Michael!

  8. Grandma Clute

    What a great picture – can’t wait to see everyone next weekend!

    We miss that smile!

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