March – 2008

Pictures from end of Feb 2008 and March 2008

8 thoughts on “March – 2008

  1. Beth

    Where tim works…or who he works for! i just want everyone to know how well we got to the capitol but how long or how badly it went getting back to his work two blocks away….one word….ONEWAYS!!! 😉 love you meg

  2. Beth

    yep that’s right…i get demoted to the middle of the backseat when i get to drive with the boys….my baby nephews get a better veiw then i do 🙂 haha

  3. Meg

    I was holding up paint chips against the walls to try and choose a paint color, I looked down and Michael had started mimicking me by holding up his color choices 🙂 He is getting so big and starting to mimic everything we do.

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