November – 2008

7 thoughts on “November – 2008

  1. Nama Clute

    Love the website – really LOVE the pictures! Thanks. I can’t believe how big Patrick is.

    We’re anxiously waiting for the video. Have a great day. We’re chopping wood and baking. (tis the season!) Love, mom clute

  2. Nama Clute

    Congrats to Ben and Carmen – you’ll be wonderful parents! Carmen, hope your feeling O.K. – pamper yourself. Lisa

  3. Beth

    So the picture with just michael in the red shirt, he looks like he is about 4. He’s huge!! love the pictures!

  4. Meg

    Beth, I had to search to see what you were talking about. You are right. He is so big.
    It is Patrick that is the craziest though. All of the food that he has been shoveling into his mouth (3 time the amount of Michael) has been growing fuel. It is like I am feeding the kid miracle grow. He is definitely in the middle of a huge growth spurt!

  5. Beth

    You are right..the pictures of PJ do kind of show how much he is growing…he looks almost as big as michael in some of them!! i can’t wait to see you guys!!

  6. Tim

    Michael says “Meekal oopsidedown” when he’s upside down, or when he looks at pictures of himself upside down, which unsuprisingly there are quite a few.

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