March – 2009

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4 thoughts on “March – 2009

  1. Beth

    ok…so i look at one picture with PJ’s pants falling down and i think ‘ wow all that food isn’t staying in him’ and then i look at another picture from the side and i see his cute little belly poking out…maybe it is?! haha.. these pictures are to die for. they are so cute! definitely made my day! thank you

  2. Meg

    I know. He got big over night. I think it is about time to change out his 12-18 month clothes and put him in 18-24 month. Crazy!

  3. Tim Post author

    Yeah he’s got quite the belly on him. Michael’s not going to be able to belly bump him over anymore pretty soon.

  4. Great Aunt Claudia

    I love seeing the boys grow…enjoy every moment, Tim and Meg. Wouldn’t you know that David is speaking in Bismark in early April and you’re in MN! We will have to do a Shannon/Lawton reunion soon. Love to all, Aunt Claudia

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