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Tutu’s, Dollhouses, and Cupcakes

Busy day for a busy little girl.  We had big plans for Elise.  So much so, that Meg spent a good portion of her own birthday planning and building all of the details of Elise’s.

Elise’s birthday actually took two days to celebrate.  The first day was mostly spent at the zoo.  The boys hadn’t been since they were really little, and Elise had never been.  She really liked the monkeys and the dolphins.

After getting back from the zoo, we finished building Elise’s big surprise: The dollhouse.

And after that, (around midnight) Meg started working on the necessary Tutu for Elise’s Tutu 2 party.

And finally, to go with the dollhouse and the tutu, Meg made a special set of ballerina cupcakes.

All in all.  Elise had a very special day.  Happy 2nd birthday Princess.


Many more pics here and here.

Last Day

Today is Michael and my last day together alone. He doesn’t seem to care, in fact he would rather play by himself than with his mom, but I guess it is good that he is so independent. However, a little love from him would be nice 😉

I didn’t get much sleep last night and I am sure tonight will be worse. It is nice for planning purposes to be induced, but knowing when it is going to happen is killing me! It would be nice to go into labor naturally, but that could still be weeks away… and I doubt I could make it and Tim is running out of vacation time!!

Like Tim posted earlier, we will do our best to keep the website updated in the following days for everyone that cannot make it down for the birth. (Mostly for Auntie Beth, who I am sure, will be pacing around the training room with her cell in had waiting for a call tomorrow!)

For now, check out St. Alexius’s Birth Place web site to get your baby fix. Our little one will be up on the website after we check out of the hospital. (For security reasons they do not post babies on the website until the baby is discharged.)

2 Days Left

2 Only two days left! We are quickly approaching the day when Michael will no longer be an only child. He had his 15 months of attention, now he’s going to have to share it. Not that there isn’t plenty of attention to go around with all of the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Great Grandparents, and all of the old ladies we meet at the mall who just have to comment on how cute Michael is.

We’ve also taken just a few pictures to start off the October album. Enjoy.

Baby Shannon #2’s – 3d Ultrasound

Here are the 3d ultrasounds (at the end of the picture group) that Steve Santini (Jess’ Dad) did for us a couple weeks ago. The pictures are a amazing, but it was even more amazing to see them in motion. You could see the baby grab his ears and rub his eyes. He even yawned once.

Here he is laying on his arm

Here he is rubbing his ears

Here he is rubbing his eyes.

It’s incredible that you can already tell he has Meg’s nose.