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Norwegian Table Prayer

I have been reading this series of books by Lauraine Snelling about the Norwegian immigrants coming to America. In the books they always say the same table prayer. The author never translates for the reader so….

For Grandma Moo, my Mom and for my own curiosity here is the prayer and its translation:


I Jesu navn gar vi til bords
a spise, drikke pa ditt ord.
Deg, Gud til aere, oss til gavn,
Sa far vi mat i Jesu navn.

In Jesus’ name to the table we go
To eat and drink according to His word.
To God the honor, us the gain,
So we have food in Jesus; name.

Second Translation:

“I Jesu navn gar vi til bords Spice og drikke pa ditt ord Deg Gud til ere oss til gavn Sa far vi mat I Jesu navn.”

From Ã…lesund, came this translation by Dag Petter Eide:

In Jesus’ name we sit by the table to eat and drink at your word. By humbly honoring you God, we get food in Jesus’ name.

listen to the audiohere.