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Soccer Portraits

I somehow skipped a week. This morning we got the kids all uniformed up and ready to go for soccer team portraits. I drove Patrick over to smile for the birdie and there was a sea of Jr Highers loading up for some camp or something. I checked my phone and realized it wasn’t the 18th.

So there we were all dressed up with no place to go. I called up Tim told him that I was stupid and to meet us at the soccer fields.

My mistake turned into a much less costly photo shoot.

I am heading to out to make wallet sized prints now. More out takes here. 



Tim put new batteries in the boys’ Leapsters this morning.

The boys couldnt be happier.

I will feed them three meals, two snacks, drive them to and from appointments, play countless rounds of UNO and Kerplunk (which we bought after searching for it at 3 different stores yesterday).

I will reward them with stickers. I will fill out forms for school, do some laundry and possibly even fold that laundry and put it away.

As I type this I am also helping Michael work his Leapster.

What will the boys remember about today? Daddy put new batteries in their video game.

It is has been a long week

this makes me smile and reminds me how much I love my kiddos even when Patrick is naughty and throwing full blown tantrums or when Michael wants to play trains for the hundredth time or when Elise blows out of a diaper just after I change her – that girl goes through diapers like crazy!

so yeah, videos like this

and pics like this

and this

and this

make it all worth while

please continue to pray for Landon and his family.

Como Zoo

I had a check up today and everything is good with both baby and me. Nothing much we can do now except wait and wait and wait some more.  Check out the middle sidebar to enter the Baby Pool.

After the check up we went straight to the Como Zoo.

The boys had a blast walking around checking out all the animals. Michael liked the lions, seals and zebras the best. PJ liked whatever Michael liked.

more pics here