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I’m just quick posting to let you know that the reason why the site’s been a little dead lately is because Meg and I have undertaken quite a large project. We’ll have a big post on the whole project as soon as we finish it. We’re taking lots of pictures, so expect some more updates in a little bit.

Pics and Video

I am cutting video and uploading pics as fast as I can. I will do my best to get them up tomorrow night. Sorry to all that I promised pics by Monday. It has been a busy weekend. Tim installed (thats right INSTALLED) a dishwasher, I painted both boy’s rooms and their bathroom, we started work on the backyard, hung up Michael’s toddler swing under the deck, introduced Steve to Trader Joe’s (Steve was here this weekend) and probably more little projects I don’t remember right now. All of this could not have been done with out the help of Steve, so thanks again Steve. You are welcome anytime… next time bring a shovel 😉