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Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day Weekend doing our best to set an all time record for being hosts of ticks. There was no use counting because there were just so many all over everyone. The kids and poor Lucy played host to the most.

Other than the ticks, our time at my parents cabin was (as it always is) fun for all. From the photos one would think that all we did was build fences all weekend, but I can assure you that we also over filled our bellies with delicious food and treats. The kids had fun on the 4-Wheelers and in the meadow, and the adults enjoyed iced tea on the porch.

Besides it being a long weekend because of Memorial Day, it was also my Dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday Dad…. now finishes up that fencing so the horses have a bigger pasture to enjoy!

And after two days of fencing, including a time where the son-in-law was voted to be the one to don the waiters and tie off the fence in the creek…

the horses we led into their new pasture land.

I don’t know who was happier, the horses or my mom.

more photos here

Cabin Time

This is what the kids most look forward to… playing at the cabin!

Even the big kids join in on the fun!

And when it gets to cold to play outside, we head inside warm up with cocoa and play some more.

Patrick loved his new legos

We stay fuelled with an abundance of yummy food. We all love Nama’s special banana bread and Elise was more than willing to help mix up a batch if it meant she got to hang out with Nama and eat some dough!

And there is no better way to finish a long day at the cabin then to be curled up under a blanket with someone you love.

more photos here

The Cabin at Dark

We made it home tonight after a long drive and a wonderful week of Christmas fun. We are about halfway unpacked but Tim and I ran out of steam so we decided to leave the rest for tomorrow. What I couldn’t leave until tomorrow was photos. There were a few photos in particular that I was really eager to see how they turned out.

Two nights before we left the cabin my Mom came in from her walk and said, “Meg it is gorgeous out tonight and it has warmed up. Can you take some pictures of the cabin?”

I have never taken night photos before. I own two lenses, the kit lens that my Rebel T4i came with an a 50mm that I bought later on. I didn’t know which lens would work better. I didn’t know what settings to put the camera at. What I did know was that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law bought me a tripod for Christmas and if I wanted any chance of getting anything other than a blur of Christmas lights, I would need the tripod.

For the record, “It has warmed up” meant that it was a balmy 10 degrees.

These were the best shots I got. Not horrible but now I am super intrigued by night-time photography and I want to learn more. The camera picks up some many more colors than the human eye can see at night.

The two previous photos are too grainy and the photo below is a bit blurry.

This one is my favorite because the camera captured more than I saw. The photo is grainy but I don’t care. I am pretty proud of this one from my first time trying night time photography.

Now it is bedtime. Tomorrow is going to be a long day of unpacking and tearing down Christmas decoration… if only it could be Christmas all the time. I love how festive the house feels around the Holidays.

More photos will be posted in the near(ish) future.

Cabin Time

Beth, the kids and I went to the Cabin for MEA weekend.

I am so far behind on photos… I still have Scotland photos to edit. I swear this school year, with all three kids in full time school, has been my busiest year yet! Someday I will get caught up on photos.

Until then, here is one photo from this weekend.