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New Baby Cousin Combine!

Even though Michael asked really sweetly, Uncle Ben and Auntie Carmen wouldn’t name his new baby cousin Combine Shannon.

They went a little more old school with their name choice. Not old school as in Oscar or Gary. Think … way old school like before Jesus old school….

Ezekiel James Shannon.

Baby Zeke for short.

OR if you are Michael, Patirck, Bryce, Tashia or Natale (sorry if I murdered the spelling of those names Keeper Family) you can call him New Cousin Baby Zeke!

I like to call him my First Nephew Baby Zeke!

Oh and if you haven’t figured it out, Ben and Carmen have a new baby boy!

Zeke and his mom are healthy (Ben is doing ok too).

Zeke weighed in at 6lbs 14oz and 21 inches long.

He is beautiful and has a full head of dark hair.

If you don’t believe me here are a few pics of my favorite nephew!

more pics here in the new Baby Zeke gallery

Congrats again Ben and Carmen!

Thank you for making me an Aunt!!!!


Ben and Carmen’s baby is now one day over cooked. I am getting a bit anxious.

Everyone send up a prayer for Carmen and the little miracle that seems to be content in her belly.

I want to meet my first little niece or nephew (although I am betting I will have a niece!)

I guess Ben could use a prayer too. If he is anything like Tim was, he probably has an upset stomach from all the nerves.

Hang in there guys. We are rooting for you!

Labor Day Weekend

We spent the weekend with the Shannon Family in Jamestown and Ben and Carmen’s new home. It was a blast. Michael had a great time being spoiled with attention from his Grandparents and all his Aunts and Uncles. We played a bunch of games, everything from Poker to The DaVincci Code Board Game (the most complicated set of instructions for a board game ever made, if you ever try and play it just watch the instructional DVD and skip the instruction manual) Michael went on a lot of walks with Grandma Ruth to the nearby park. He is really loving his stroller these days!

I will have to be honest though, one of the highlights of the weekend was eating Jamestown Domino’s Pizza. You just can’t beat it. Tim used to work there, so when we went in to order the pizza for the small army that is the Shannon Family, Frank the owner gave us the employee discount and made all the pizza “special just for us.”

We left Sunday evening so we could have a day of rest before being thrown back into reality. On Labor Day, we pretty much just bummed around, nothing to exciting. We did get the rest of our bedroom set delivered so we now finally have a headboard! Other than that, nothing to report.
We haven’t uploaded pictures yet, but as soon as we do, Tim will post them. And Steve if you read this post, send us any of the pictures you took from the weekend and we will post them too.