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Official Church Members

This weekend we will become official members of the church we have been attending on and off for the past year and half.

To become official members we had to take a class where they gave us a tour of the church, a run-down of the church staff and told us a bit about their church mission statement and beliefs.

We had two bits of homework to go along with becoming members. They asked us to fill out a form checking off boxes of the different areas that we would be interested in sharing our “times and talents” i.e. sing in the church choir, read the lessons, hand out bulletins, make coffee….

No problem with that form. Check the boxes for reading lessons, do not check the box for singing in choir (they sing at the 8 am service- no thanks!) and so on and so on.

The second bit of homework turned out to be more difficult than I think they intended it to be…. because I am me and the most simplest of tasks can quickly be blown into my latest project.

What was meant to take 2 minutes took me almost an hour.

What was the homework that was so complicated? It was a sheet of paper with one paragraph on top and the remainder of the page was filled with blank lines.

We were instructed to write an introduction of ourselves to the church that would be printed into the bulletin and the monthly church news letter.

The pastor told the new member class, “Just write something simple that tells us a little bit about you and your family and maybe where you work and how old your kids are…”  The pastor took pity on me when she saw me look at the blank page with wide eyes and said, “You can just email it to the secretary. Please email it by Wednesday, that is when she puts the bulletin together.” For the record I was not the only one who decided to email and not fill out the form laid in front of us.

Naturally I waited until 9pm on Tuesday night to start writing.

Here are a few drafts that Tim shot down.

This summer marks 10 years since Tim and Megan Shannon graduated college and ten years of Tim writing computer software for the company he works for. This summer is also TIm and Meg’s ten year wedding anniversary and their beloved Golden mutt Lucy’s 10th birthday. This summer the Shannons celebrate MIchael’s 9th birthday and Elise’s 5th birhday. In between those years they had Patrick who is the only one in the family who celebrates his birthday in the fall. Seven years ago, when Patrick was 6 months old, the Shannon family moved to Cottage Grove from their home in North Dakota. Megan doesn’t work outside the home, she is too busy trying manage the chaos at home.

This summer Tim and Megan Shannon will have been married for 10 years. They have a 10 year old Golden mutt named Lucy. Days before their first anniversary their first child, Michael was born. Patrick came along 15 months later. When Patrick was 6 months old the family of 5 (Lucy counts) packed up, left all their family in North Dakota behind and moved to Cottage Grove for Tim’s computer software job. Two years later Elise was born. And because having a high maintenance Golden Mutt, 3 kids within a four year age gap wasn’t enough to keep them busy, a year ago they added a mean cat named Astird to the mix. Megan doesn’t work outside the home, she is too busy trying to manage the chaos at home. For the record, it was the cat that tipped the delicate balance from fun to chaos. The Shannon family of 6 (Astrid doesn’t count) are excited to become apart of the All Saints Family. Is it offensive to say, that you all seem like a good fit?!

Tim told me that I should probably take it down a few notches so this was my next attempt.

Tim and Megan Shannon have married for 10 years this summer. They three children, Michael (8), Patrick (7) and Elise (4). Tim works for a software company and Megan stays home with the kids. Rounding out the Shannon Family is their beloved 10 year old Golden Mutt, Lucy and their very mean cat, Astrid.

BUT I couldn’t be okay with that one. I told Tim, one more try, and wrote this.

We are the Shannon family. Tim and Meg will have been married for 10 years this summer. Originally from North Dakota, we moved to Cottage Grove 7 years ago for Tim’s computer software job. We have three kiddos, Michael who is 8 and is our resident NASA and Minecraft expert. Patrick who is 7 and loves to play pranks and has an incredible imagination. And Elise who is 4 going on 14 who’s life ambitions include being a cowgirl, mother and astronaut in no particular order. Rounding out our family is our beloved 10 year old golden/mutt Lucy and our very mean cat, Astrid. We are really excited to be joining the All Saints Lutheran community.

And that is what I sent. Good grief. Next time, Tim writes the family bio.

Sunday Funday

Sunday was Rally Day at church, my Mom and Grandma were in town, Beth came over for a bit and we spent $24 on two ropes and then tied a few knots.

We have never officially become members of the church we have been going to for the past year. Rally Day for our church is the last week of summer time services and the kick off to Sunday school. I made it a point that we would be there for Rally Day so we could get the kids involved and sign them up for Sunday School. It was a great service and afterward they had face painting, cotton candy and bouncy houses for the kids. Needless to say, it was a fun morning and I appreciate that my Mom and Grandma graciously told us to go even though they were in town and we should have been hanging out with them.

Usually our weekends are packed with to-do lists and errands. This weekend still had a few to-dos to get done like taking down the pool and the usual around the house weekend chores, but the chore load was lighter and the pool didn’t take long to put away so there was time left over to play!

I stupidly didn’t take any photos when we went out to eat or showed off our renovated kitchen and basement to my Mom and Grandma because I was just having too much fun visiting with them and laughing at Elise with them. Elise really wants to be a cowgirl right now and she will sacrifice her toes in order to dress like one. Two Christmases ago my Grandma bought the kids cowboy boots. Elise’s are a size 9. We just bought her new tennis shoes for school and they are a size 13. In her efforts to be a cowgirl Elise shoves her feet into her size 9 cowboy boots and says they fit fine “if I curl my toes!” Uffda. We all giggled along with her as she talked about horses and clomped around in her too small boots.

After my mom and Grandma left, Tim and I took down the pool for the season, and if you are keeping track this is the 3rd summer we have used our Intex $200 pool. Best money spent ever. We have never had problems with it molding or cracking during winter because we put it away dry and store it above the garage. If you are on the fence about buying one of these pools, all I can say is that it is worth it. (more pics from the first time we set up the pool in 2012)

When the pool was put away TIm and I were taking stock of our backyard and admiring our hard work over the years. It has come a long way since we moved in when there was a bull-dozed 1 foot cliff in our yard with subsequent 4 foot high mound of dirt that was buried under snow when we bought the house. (more pics of backyard from when we first moved in)

We were talking about how great our maple tree was doing, after limbing it up last year and taking away the planting bed underneath it, when one of us said, “we need a swing under there.” The other suggested a rope swing and then I grabbed my wallet and headed to Menards. An hour and $24 later Tim was climbing up our maple and knotting ropes.  Tim took a scrap of lumber and drilled a hole in the middle to make a seat/stand on one of the ropes, the other rope is officially the Jungle Man rope.

I didn’t use my camera all day and I didn’t really even think of my camera until Tim brought it out to me while the kids were playing on the new rope swings. He handed it over with a smile and stated, “Your not doing your job.” and I happily took the camera and started snapping. Sometimes it is nice to just live the day and not take photos, but most of the time I love stepping back and capturing the moment with my camera. Sunday was a good day because I got to do both.

For the record she ate cotton candy at 10 am Sunday morning and it was still on her face at 4pm that afternoon. Parenting fail? or Sunday Funday win?

And my two Jungle Boys.

The ropes were a hit. Yesterday morning before school they were playing on the ropes and it was also the first thing they did when they got home from school. This morning was the same thing. They ate breakfast, brushed their teeth, way faster than the dentist recommended 2 minutes, and then headed out to the ropes.

The ropes are great for Michael. They are an OT/SPD miracle. Michael gets to swing, which is great for Vestibular input  (balance, inner ear, knowing where your body is), Proprioceptive (Heavy work that improves attention and calms and focuses the nervous system — this is also why Michael needs to chew on things when trying to sit still)

Sometime OT isn’t very fun, like when I have him carry full laundry baskets up and down stairs for me, but sometimes OT is lots of fun.

And sometimes he doesn’t even know he is doing OT, but as he has gotten older he has learned and come to understand that his body works a bit different. He recognized right away that “These rope swings are great heavy work and the swinging calms me down!” I am so proud.

With all the kids in school now I have more free time to get house work done during the week. I hope this translates to more Sunday Fundays because everyone needs a few more fundays a week where we set aside the never-ending to-do list and say the house is good enough for now, errands can wait until tomorrow and I will finish that project later.

And I will leave you with this quick video of Michael getting some much-needed movement after school yesterday.