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Spam Protection… Again

Previously, to combat spam, I made it so that all comments need to be approved by Meg or I before they post. While this does keep spam off the web page, it created quite a bit of overhead for Meg and I to deal with.
I’ve removed the comment moderation (so comments should post immediately), and have instead chosen to go with an intelligent spam blocking solution that simply looks up comments and approves them or deletes them based on an ever growing list of spammers, and their techniques.

We’ll see how things go. If for any reason one of your comments don’t get through, be sure you let us know.


New Website Design

Meg was getting a little bored with the design of the website, so we decided to update it. Some functions on the website may not work (depending on where I am when you visit the site), but everything should be working shortly.

Let us know what you think about the new design in the comments.