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Bear with me, this post is going to get a bit geeky.  After which, I promise to return you to pictures of Elise dancing like a princess.

I hope you like the site redesign.  It’s pretty significant in that instead of simply going out and choosing a new theme, we decided to build our own from the ground up.  Meg designed the whole thing, and I just put her ideas on the screen.  If I were left to design it, you’d probably be left with a white page with black text, and that’s about it.

The website redesign is also significant in that our theme was one of the last things on the site that wasn’t open source.  And this is where it’s going to get a bit geeky.

This site is running on a virtual server some where in Dallas, Tx.  The server is running an open source operating system (Linux),  and the operating system is running open source technologies to host this website (Apache, Php, MySql, WordPress).  This means that the code that is running this entire website is available to me to look at, modify, and distribute.  To most people that may not seem like a big deal.  Why would anyone ever need to see the source code if everything is running fine and doing what it needs to do, and that’s absolute true.  I would almost never need to even access any of the code running anything on this blog.  It’s written and maintained by developers far smarter and more capable than I am. 

So why go through all of the effort of building the website on these open source technologies.  Why not just use Tumblr, Blogger, or even WordPress’s own blog hosting?  Or even easier, why not just post all our pictures to Facebook?  Everyone’s on Facebook, right?

The reason is simply because this website is more than just a blog.  It’s really become a living scrapbook for us.  We have Michael’s first steps, and Patrick’s potty training, and Elise’s birth story.    And we (let’s be honest, Meg) add to it every week.

If I want to keep this scrapbook safe, then I need to control where the pictures and stories are kept, how and when they are backed up, and in 50 years I need to be able to still look back at them and have them.  Look at it this way, I know there are scrapbooks and photo albums out there that are older than how long Facebook has been a company. What if Facebook goes away?  I feel bad for all of the people who have dumped their memories into Facebook when that happens.

As for our scrapbook, it’s fire proof, and backed up in 3 geographically separate locations, and the entire website and the code running it can be reconstructed and rebuilt at anytime on any computer because it’s open source.

It’s a lot of work, but in the end, I think it’s worth it.

And now, back to dancing Elise:


We now have internet up, not exactly running though. Tim’s computer (the main one we both use) got shook around in the move and is on the fritz. I am on Tim’s work laptop now.

Hopefully Tim will be able to get his computer up and running again. Until then, there probably will not be to many updates… even if we did have a working computer, we still have unpacking to do before we start on computers.

I have put my foot down. No computers or Myth box until we are settled!

Mythbox, and Internet TV

With the complete lack of programming on TV lately (unless you call American Gladiators programming) due to the writer strike, we’ve turned to a new form of media. I’ve downloaded a cool plugin for our Mythbox called MythStream, which allows the streaming of internet content like podcasts, or You Tube videos. It’s amazing the alternative content out there on the internet for free.

Our current favorites are Diggnation and Winelibrary TV.

There are many more shows out there with a variety of different interests, you just have to search around a bit to find them.

One of my favorite Internet TV “Stations” is Revision3.

36 weeks

A quick update.

Last week Wednesday, Tim along with my Mom banished me to bed rest. My parents took Michael to Minot and Lucy I laid in bed starring at the ceiling.

Michael had a blast with the Grandparents and even got to spend a night with Grandma Moo. I don’t think he even realized that we were not there. We, on the other hand, missed him even before my Mom’s car left our driveway.

Steve came up Friday night and Tim and him put together Steve’s new computer. I would tell you about it, but other than the monitor is HUGE, I know nothing about it. Tim and Steve spent the rest of the Saturday geeking it up while I laid in bed (sometimes on the couch) starring at the ceiling.

Tim and I kicked Steve out early Sunday morning because we couldn’t wait any longer to go get Michael. Micheal was napping when we got there and when he woke up he seemed more excited about the meatloaf on the table than to see us after 5 days of being away. Its okay though, I know it is suppose to be more fun at the Grandparents, it always was for Beth and I growing up!

We got back late afternoon on Sunday and I promised myself I would be tough the next day and make it through the day. That plan lasted until 9:30 am today. In the hour and a half Tim was at work I had multiple contractions, was nauseous, light headed, frustrated and all the other symptoms that come with the last few weeks of pregnancy that I don’t need to mention.

Tim came home and rescued me. I spent the rest of the morning in bed reading in all my pregnancy books trying to get a better idea of HOW MUCH LONGER this could actually last.

Besides the signs of immanent labor and constant kicking I have nothing more to report. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon, I hope to have some news about baby #2 then.

Until then, feel free to feel sorry for me and to be fair, for Tim too. For Tim’s sake, I hope this baby comes soon.