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House news….maybe

We found an amazing, large, new, great layout, … fixer-up-er, house. It’s the fixer-up-er part that scares us. It’s a lot of superficial fixes, and it’s more then enough room for us (almost too much!). But I think we can handle it. We’re going to be exhausted working on a house after working all day (at the state, and with the boys), but I really think we can do it.

We’re planning on putting a bid on it tomorrow, so check back to see how everything goes.

As for the other houses, (Meg literally wrote “Yuck” on her notes for these houses) I have never seen more disgusting houses in my life. I can’t image how these people lived in these houses day to day, because this was seeing the houses after they had cleaned up to sell it. We literally found an unclean potty training toilet still in the supposedly moved out house. There was an herb garden in one kitchen, and a minivan parked in the front yard (yard not driveway). In another there were garbage bags filled with junk piled to the ceiling of the closets.

Our house needs a little work, but at least it’s clean. Wish us luck tomorrow, and if you know a good contractor, send him (Meg says “or Her”) our way.