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Gooey Giggles

Michael has been chanting, “Chocolate Chip Cookies. I NEED Chocolate Chip Cookies!” consistently since we got back from Grand Forks.

Patrick hasn’t been chanting but he does nod in agreement and sign “more” whenever Michael starts up the Cookie Chant. I am not sure if this is on purpose, or Michael has manipulated/coached him when to do this, OR that he is just a very hungry growing 19 month old boy.

It has been a while since I have baked cookies so I gave in. I was in the baking isle in target and they didn’t have the pb chips needed for Tim’s favorite cookies, but they did have butterscotch chips. I remembered reading a recipe off of Needs More Butter a blog that Rebecca, Tim’s cousin, contributes too. Rebecca states that they are her husbands favorites so I thought we would give them a try.

Before they were even in the oven I got the seal of approval from the boys

Michael — “Tastes Good!”

Patrick — “NuMMMM!”

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical after reading, ” Drop by heaping teaspoons onto ungreased cookie sheet.”

Heaping teaspoons? What? Shannons do not eat cookies that are the size of a heaping teaspoon. They eat big cookies. Heaping Tablespoon sized cookies. That is how the Clute girls were taught to make cookies, and that is how the Shannon boys eat them.

I went against every instinct I had to make them “normal sized” and made them as directed. Heaping teaspoons it is. I had to use a measuring spoon because I couldn’t even guesstimate how small a heaping teaspoon was!

They turned out great.

The boys were messy. Very messy. But the laughter was contagious as the sugar started to kick in and they started sword fighting with their beaters. I always thought I would have to have a daughter to enjoy baking with my children. The boys make it fun in a different way…girls want to help measure and scoop. My boys just wanted to watch the beater go “vroom”, lick the batter and battle!

Busy Busy Weekend.

This past weekend was packed full. Friday night Beth came down and watched Michael for us while we went to a going away party for some of Tim’s colleagues. Saturday, my parents and Grandma came down to watch Beth in a softball tournament. Tim and Michael went with while I went wedding dress shopping with Christine. It didn’t take long and Christine found the dress, she looks beautiful in it. I joined the rest of the family back at the apartment after dress shopping and we headed out to dinner. Michael had his favorite, a cheeseburger and then we headed out to Beth’s softball game. She won the second game 17-4 (or something close to that). What a champ! My parents and Grandma headed back to Minot and Beth stayed the night again. It was a pretty early night because she had another game at 7:30 am the next morning.
Sunday morning I got up early to go to Beth’s game (because that is what good sisters do) and I am so glad I did. The game was great. They ended up losing after going 3 innings into overtime! I did my best to comentate the game over the phone to my parents, needless to say, they regretted not staying to watch the game. Beth was an All Star. In my opinion it was their 2nd baseman that lost the game for them, but hey, what do I know. Anyways, It was a long fun weekend but Tim and I both agree it will be nice to have the weekend to ourselves next weekend so we can gear up the big Birthday weekend. And by gear up I mean do 85 loads of laundry and bake dozens of cookies!!!
Thats all for now.