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The weather is in our favor (more in my favor than Tims. Tim would perfer rain so he could play video games all weekend) So we will be elbow deep in skin burning chemicals again.

If the weather holds, we WILL get the deck completly stripped this weekend.


Why do people not take care of their stuff?

We have been in this house for 6 months and we are still just cleaning up from the previous owners.

The deck is a disaster. If they would have just kept up with it, it would be fine. Grrr.

If Michael wasn’t picking up on and repeating everything we say , I would no longer be silently cursing the previous owners.

On the plus side, it is suppose to rain tomorrow, so we can’t work on the deck tonight. Maybe a day off and a day away from those skin burning chemicals will do our spirits some good.

We are…

…still stripping.

in addition to stripping we are putting final coats of paint on our dark blue door and shutters.

deck stripper

only half way through the deck stripping process. but… let me tell you what. the deck stripping stuff, Wolman Deck Stripper, is incredible. Our deck was fadded in some areas, covered in thick awful stain in others. Th Wolman stuff is stripping off the paint and brightening the faded areas.

I would highly recomend this product to anyone… however, I will not help you do it. It takes a long time to apply and it eats through gloves and burns your skin.

Pain is beauty. I guess that applies to house remoldeling too!