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Happy Wednesday

This misty morning we played in the dirt, pushed the new “Big Dump Truck”, and slipped on the wet grass.

Good times had by all.

Check out the pics of the boys and round 2 of me trying to plant perennials in my front yard.


just dirt. filthy, messy, dirty dirt.

we played in the backyard pretty much all weekend. we stopped long enough to get cleaned up for church and then headed right back outside. the boys played hard. napped hard. ate big and were HUGE helpers. Just ask Michael. “I HELP SHOVEL, I HELP DIG, I HELP DIRT, I BIG HELPER!” were shouted all weekend long.

here are some pics of our filthy, messy dirty, adorable boys!

11 months old!

It has gone so fast! Tim is planning on putting up pictures tonight, check back tomorrow for the latest pics of our 11 month old!

Michael celebrated his 11 month milestone by watching his dad play sand volleyball and eating a whole lot of sand! He had a blast cheering on his Daddy. He clapped and squealed the whole time. In typical boy fashion, we left the park with half of the sandbox in his pockets. Tim had to hold him upside down and shake him to get out most of the sand! So cute.