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For many more reasons than I care to get into in this post, our family believes in the Easter Bunny. We also believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy. We believe in little leprechauns too… at least Patrick does. Michael doesn’t believe in leprechauns and Elise is scared of them so for two very different reasons we told two very different kids that there is no such things as leprechauns.

For now, though, we all believe in the magic of the Easter Bunny. My Grandma, the kids’ Great Grandma, knows this and for Easter she made this wonderful tray of fruit shaped like the Easter Bunny.

This is the first Easter that we have travelled to see my family since we moved to MN 7 years ago. It is a long drive to see them and because Tim doesn’t get any work days off for the Easter holiday, it means taking vacation time. In the past we have opted to save that vacation time for longer Christmas breaks or a bigger chunk of time in the summer but after a long winter we needed a break. The cabin, with my parents and a visit from my Grandma, Grandpa and Sherlene at Easter, was that break.

IMG_9140We are Christians. The kids know why we really celebrate Easter just like they know the true meaning of Christmas. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little extra sprinkle of magic on top of a Holiday that already has us gathering as family.

In the end it boils down to this, life is short. The kids are growing up way too fast.  The window of believing in that magic is so slim. Any time we can be together as a family and add a little magic to the fun, we will do it. Life is too short not to believe.


New Traditions

Living a 10 hour car ride from my folks and a 7 hour car ride from Tim’s folks makes it hard to travel for every Holiday. Especially holidays that are celebrated on a Thursday or Sunday. Turkey Day Thursday means Tim and the boys missing work/school on Wednesday since travelling to family is a full day event. Same goes for taking Easter Monday off. All those extra days add up quick. We really like to be able to take a good chunk of time every summer to “Staycation” in the cities and we love having an extra long Christmas break so we hoard Tim’s vacation days. Because of that we have not traveled for a Thanksgiving since moving to the cities and this year marked our second year of not travelling on Easter. You know what? We kind of like it.

Don’t get me wrong family but there is something exciting and wonderful about celebrating those holidays as a small family unit. We are putting our own stamp on the holidays and are slowly building our own family traditions. We haven’t cast aside all the family traditions that we grew up with by any means. Turkey Day will always be about the Macy’s Parade and the Purina Dog show (we were not a football family) just like it was in my family. The Easter Bunny will always visit our home (also my family). We will always get dressed up in our Sunday best for Easter services (both our families). But now instead of painting on egg shells we actually eat dyed hard-boiled eggs. We made Birds Nest cupcakes. Will we do these every year? Time will tell, but it is fun creating our own traditions.

Not travelling on the holidays makes it more relaxing. Is it as fun? Sometimes. It is always great to see our kids play with their cousins, especially now that all the kiddos are getting older and the age gap doesn’t seem as big, but it is also great to not have bags to pack clothes, prep snacks for car rides and to answer “How much longer?” all the way from Albertville, MN to Hillsboro, ND at which point we have lost our patience and force them to start playing the quiet game. We love late night board games when the kids go to bed but watching the new Game of Thrones was good too.

Here are a few photos from this years Easter. My folks live 10 hours away but Auntie Buff only lives 2.5 hours away. She has become like a third parent to the kids. I will never be able to express to her what having her in my kids life in such an active way means to me. The kids respect her and love her. She is fun but isn’t afraid to discipline. She has been such a wonderful Aunt.

they turned out super cute but Elise quickly discovered that eating them proved to be more than a little challenging.

And some of the coldest family photos I have ever forced the kids to smile through.

 “Smile and we can go inside.”

 “Smile nice and we can go inside.”

“One with Mom and Dad and you are done.”

more photos here

Cold Easter

Last year we looked like this.

Today that same area was covered in melting slushy snow and the sky was grey.

The kids are a year older but they are still so cute. They are cold but they are cute. (Please ignore Lucy looking for a place to drop her Easter load)

more pics later. I am burnt out from cooking and all the Easter fun (yesterday we bowled!)  Right now I am going to relax, drink some coffee and watch Tim eat an Easter chocolate and peanut butter cupcake.

He is Risen

He is Risen indeed!

Happy Easter everyone!

My parents came up for Easter weekend and spent 2 full days wearing out the boys! We went to the MOA, the MN Children’s Museum and spent a lot of time playing outside when ever the weather allowed.

It was a great weekend.

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