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Park Near Rhombus Guys

For Michael’s birthday lunch we had pizza at Rhombus Guys. If you are ever in Grand Forks and want pizza, go there. So, so good.

And as a bonus you get a free s’mores pizza on your birthday. After we were done eating, and while we were waiting for the free s’mores pizza to bake, we checked out the park that is positioned behind Rhombus Guys and a few other down town buildings. It was the neatest little inner city park I have seen. The sculptures were a hit with kids and adults alike.

The kids dubbed this one the giant robot hand and Tim made up a fun story about how there was a giant robot buried underneath Grand Forks.

The other really beautiful large sculpture was of 4 trees connecting in a canopy. I would venture to guess many senior portraits, wedding photos and prom pics are taken under this arch.

Patrick was a little too interested with the graffiti.  To say that makes me nervous is an understatement. I don’t know if it is graffiti or if it is commissioned art but trying to explain the difference between commissioned art and graffiti to kid is not easy. I am sure all he heard was “PAINT THE WALLS!”

Maybe Grandma Shannon picked up on his scheming on how to get paint and which wall he would paint because when he walked by her, she scooped him up in her lap pretty quick!

My favorite were the fish. There was a sign that I didn’t get a photo of that said, can you count the fish, or something like that. The kids ran around counting fish and talking about their favorites.

I am very much inspired by these fish and I am hoping I can figure out a fun summer project where each kid paints a fish for me. I would love to hang a few in our house.

For a girl who doesn’t like fish, I was really taken with these.

more photos here.


SAHM Camp Week :: day four

Yesterday afternoon and this morning were swim lessons. This cut “camp” short both days. We still managed to paint the bird houses yesterday and Tim was able to drill the holes so they were completely ready to go.

Today’s activities revolve around food. Growing up, when I went to the camp, the campers had to take shifts helping out in the kitchen. The source for the vector I used as inspiration for the week had a worm on a hook. (More on the logo and vector here) If you know me personally, you know the last thing I would ever do would be to take my kids fishing by myself. The panic and stress of them actually catching a fish and me having to deal with that fish would be enough to send me into a full-blown panic attack. I prefer my fish to be de-boned, scale free, individually frozen and packaged in plastic or in a can ready for me to fork in a teaspoon of mayo into the flaky fish.

We are keeping with the hunt-and-gather your own food theme, but it will be a bit of a stretch….

We didn’t hunt any food and since our garden was a bust this year because of the winter storms all May we were not able to “gather” either. We did however hit up the local Cottage Grove Farmer’s Market to buy some food directly from the farmers that grew it. I want our kids to know that eating food that is locally grown is healthier for them, helps the community and is better for the environment.

I am ashamed to admit we have not been to the Cottage Grove Farmers Market before. I was surprised to see how many vendors there actually were. Next time I will go more prepared with extra cash and more bags (and maybe Tim to help haul the bags!) because I really want to buy some of the local honey one guy was selling.  That, and the produce was amazing. Amazing!


They even had a little craft area for the kids. I am thinking the church who’s parking lot the farmer’s market was set up in was providing the craft booth but I am not positive about that.

This lady was really excited to show Michael her TWO pound tomato. I was proud when he humored her and held the tomato “Very carefully” He clearly didn’t want to do it but he did anyway because she so obviously wanted to show off her prize tomato. He has come a long way.

I held my breath the whole time he was holding that lady’s tomato.

Patrick was being Patrick and was refusing to walk. He sat in the stroller under the shade. It is too bad he was being such a bum because the farmer that was chatting up Michael and helping Michael choose our broccoli was a character!

We went to the park after we “gathered” our produce and I let the kids blow off some steam.

He is pure trouble.

Michael fell off theses bars and fell hard. He fell hard enough that I was worried that he seriously hurt himself. It took a long while to get him calmed down again and he even chose to sit out for a bit on a bench in the nearby pavilion. When I joined him on the bench after giving him a few minutes to calm down, he was excited to share his plan. He figured out why he fell (too much swinging because he was trying to go to fast on the curves) and came up with a plan of attack and tried again. He made it all the way across and was so proud of himself. I love that kids so much.

It was so hot out that the kids didn’t last too long at the park. Look at those red cheeks!

We stopped at Bonngards on the way home, because even though the construction zone adds 10 minutes to the trip, their bread is worth it. They bake it fresh daily and it is so good. Not as good as their brats but pretty close.

Our produce loot.

Look at the size of that cauliflower!

Elise helped me wash the produce and prepare it for dinner. All three kids happily munched on green peppers while drawing in their journals.

About 45 minutes later our Eat Local dinner was ready to eat. Yum!

Complete with my Mom’s brushetta which isn’t local to us but is made from tomatoes from her garden and is so tasty. She should really sell her stuff at farmer’s markets because whatever she decided to charge it would be worth every penny.

Disclaimer: By no means does this meal reflect a normal meal at our house. We need to be better at eating fresh and local food and eating at the local drive-thru doesn’t count as local or fresh… I know that life is going to get even more hectic and crazy when all three kids are in school this fall, so it will be tempting to eat out of the box or have food handed to me through my car window on the way home from activities, but today was a good reminder at how much better local food is and that it is worth the time and effort.