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Girl’s Weekend

Last weekend was my much needed Girl’s Weekend. Our usual trio was made a quintet with the addition of new baby Jackson, know as Jax to his friends, and furry baby Gypsy. They were cuddly additions that made the weekend perfectly low key. We left Jess’s house once to get Cherry Berry and ingredients for butternut squash risotto. Yum!


I didn’t realize until after I stopped taking photos of Gypsy why she had such a forlorn look in her eyes. She is usually sparkling with personality. After snapping a few pics I took a few steps back and put my camera down thinking it was the large lens in her face but she still didn’t perk up. Then I worried that I broke Jess’s beloved pal. Nope. It was non of those things. She was upset that I told her to sit and then never released her from the command. Seriously. I thought only dogs that the Dog Whisperer worked with did that. Good girl Gypsy!

Christine is holding her iPad next to Jax as a white noise machine. It worked like a magic. She turned on the fuzzy noise and he would sweetly drift off to sleep in minutes. How did people parent before technology?

more pics here

Long Weekend in J-Town

If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter you already know that we made the 6 hour trek to Jamestown this weekend. It doesn’t take much of an excuse to get a few Shannons together but rarely can we all be together at once. This weekend was one of those times. We smashed together Patrick and Grandma Shannon’s birthday celebrations into one party, and boy was there cake. I think this may be the longest running birthday celebration ever. Patrick has been opening gifts since the beginning of October and I think he is going to be quite remiss to find out that his 5-year-old birthday celebrations have come to an end. At least they ended with a bang. He loved having 13 people singing Happy Birthday to him.

Between overeating cake and indulgent food we managed to squeeze in a lot of fun. The highlight for the boys was playing in the leaves with Grandma S and bouncing off all the sugar they ate in cousin Zeke and Zach’s bouncy house.

More on the leaf fights, apple picking and cake eating tomorrow. For now…. I want to tell you about my new favorite pint-sized witch!

The highlight for Elise (and if I am going to be completely honest) me, was when I loaded up Elise in the van and the two of us drove over to the house of one of my best friends. Ben and Carmen live maybe 5 minutes away from Christine and there was no way I could be that close to my dear friend and not sneak away to see her. Christine lives not even a block from where we met at Jamestown College and we have been friends ever since. We were both in Concert Choir together and I worshiped her while I watched with envy of her talent when she was on stage. It took her graduating from College for me to get a role with a solo in the fall musical. She is talented and funny but let me tell you this…. her daughter Gracie Marie steals the show. Gracie is four months older than Elise which means Christine and I were pregnant together. It was no secret that I wanted a girl the third time around but when I found out the Christine was having a girl, I needed Elise to be a girl. Gracie and Elise are destined to be BFFs. They are already pen pals and after their play date this past weekend I think their fate has been set in stone.

Christine had everything ready for a great time by buying all the purple paint and glitter she could find and the girls went to town glitter bombing pumpkins.

Elise doesn’t talk much. She talks to so little that her pediatrician recommended that we take her to a speech therapist for a screening. In the two hours we were at Christine’s house Elise started speaking 7 new words. Who needs an ST when you have a BFF like Gracie.

They danced and played and dressed up and ran and screamed. Gracie was excited to share all her toys and Elise was excited to play with a girl who loves to wear a witch hat.

Here they are searching through the accessory box for matching shoes.

Found them!

And like all good moms when we were ready to get down to business (in this case visit and catch up on each other’s latest gossip) we juiced and snacked the kids and turned on the TV.

I am not even sure if the girls looked at the TV, they were both too excited to be around each other that they just chased each other screaming.

It was so fun to see Elise being a little girl with another little girl and catching up with one of my bffs was the “glitter on the purple painted pumpkin” for me. All we were missing was Jess. Good thing this weekend is Girl’s Weekend for me in Fargo. I can’t wait.


This weekend I ditched the kids and Tim for my two favorite ladies.

We are able to get together about twice a year and that isn’t enough by a long shot. Like all the best friendships, we don’t need to talk on the phone all the time to feel close. When we get together it is like we haven’t missed a beat and we pick up right where we left off last time. Usually we leave off somewhere mid-season on our favorite guilty pleasure reality TV shows. Mine? Dance Moms, Toddlers and Tiaras, Sister Wives, Biggest Loser… just to name a few. Theirs? Well that is their secret and I will never tell. Get the reference? Yeah, I watch that show too.

Our weekend was spent shopping on Grand Ave and pretty much every other shop between Cottage Grove and the Mall of America. We paid two bucks extra to watch Magic Mike in the VIP theatres at the MOA. Totally not worth the 2 bones. We didn’t know what VIP meant when we bought the tickets but what it boils down to is that you have to show your ID to prove you are 21 and then servers wait on you during the movie and bring you beer and wine and any other concession stand calorie trap you would want. It sounds good in theory but in the end it was totally distracting to have servers walk up and down the aisle while I tried to concentrate on the intense, thought provoking, enlightening drama that was unfolding on-screen.

Instead of going out in the evenings we put on our most comfy pajamas, grabbed some snacks and gossiped through hours of Reality TV. Do I know you? Do you know my ladies? Then we probably talked about you. Don’t you feel lucky being apart of our Girls Weekend?! Don’t worry it wasn’t all bad. We are not cool enough to be Mean Girls.

I hope your weekend was as rejuvenating and wonderful as mine. I doubt it but Tim’s was. He loved every minute of being on Daddy Duty and playing with the kids. Their latest favorite game is called Angry Birds inspired by the phone/tablet app. The game involves running, jumping on the trampoline and flying through the air, trying to knock down piles of pillows. Sometimes those piles of pillows had a child buried under them, sometimes not. These games are best done when mom is not around because my blood pressure rises with every leap and squeal of joy. Who buries their kid under pillows and instructs another kid to launch themselves on top the pile? Tim, and he is an awesome dad for it!

For the Wilsons

Tim and I know what it is like to send a child into surgery. Tim and Lisa Wilson went to JC the same time we did. Tim was in many of my Theatre classes. Tim was a wiz at the Technical side of Theatre. He was an artist at the sound and light board. Lisa was an (the?) editor of the college news paper that I pretended to work on for a while (like most other jobs I have had- I was a bit of a failure and was not dependable at all. I am suppose to be a stay at home mom. It is the only job I can not quit!). They are great people and they have a son that has endured many surgeries throughout his six years.

Here is their story. And if you want to support them financially, visit their facebook page.

I wish them the best and pray for them and their son.