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Two weeks short of two years

It is no surprise or secret that I am hard on my phones. For a while the phone in my pocket had a life span of about 8 months. I have had phones dunked in juice, dropped in the toilet, they have nose-dived off of high shelves, been encrusted with goldfish crackers, stepped on, painted and much more. The boys are getting older and now that they have their own tablets I don’t have to share my phone (flipside: I can’t hold them responsible for ruining my phone). Elise is slightly more independent than she was 2 years ago, so our house is finally starting to be clean as the norm instead of the chaotic mess that it was when the kids were 5,4, and 1. Finally, my head is starting to clear from the sleepless fog that is parenting a kid under the age of three. All of that is to say that my smart phone died,  dead, not even a chance of resuscitation, a little over two weeks ago. I am hoping now that the boys won’t be playing on my phone, that Elise thinks my phone is just for taking pics, the house is clean(ish) AND my head is on straight, that my next phone will stand the test of time or at least make it through a two-year contract.

I am getting a new phone this weekend. My current phone finally gave out after almost 2 years of abuse by me and the kids. I still don’t know what finally broke it for good, the coroner’s report is still out but I am leaning toward Tim trying to fix it being the cause of death. It has been 2 1/2 weeks without a phone. I went crazy the first week , second week went better, but I still felt like I was forgetting something every time I left the house and now into the third week I am kind of enjoying it. And here I thought waiting 18 days to renew my phone contract would be impossible!

When it comes to phones I tell Tim what I want my phone to do. Taking great pics is number one priority, receiving and sending phones calls is a close second. I want to be able to share the pics I take and I want to be able to write and post on the blog. I thought that wasn’t too tall of an order until I started typing it out. Is it not INSANE what phones can do now? I am excited for a new phone but I think I will miss the freedom that comes with no one being able to contact me 24/7 and the pressure to reply to emails instantly. I have been checking email about 3 times a day for the 2 weeks instead of the average three times and hour when I have a working smart phone. Guess what? No one died and I didn’t really miss it that much. I did fall tragically behind on Celebrity gossip and sales at Gap but I think that might be for the better! Do I really care who was Best Dressed at the Oscars? Well Yeah I kinda do but do I need an email to alert me about ever sale my local Gap has to offer- really how many pairs of jeans do the kids and I need?!

The verdict? I am exited for the phone but maybe the whole “Unplugged Weekend” thing is something we should add into our schedule  Don’t worry Tim. I am thinking once a month, not every weekend. Zombies and Creepers would take over the world if there wasn’t someone there to keep them in check on a regular basis.

What do you all think? Maybe a little less connected is a good thing? I think I am going to unsubscribe to some of the deal alerts and gossips emails I get BUT I miss Instagram so much- I can’t give up my perfectly square overly processed pics. There has to be a happy medium somewhere, right?!



Saturday Morning cartoons minecraft.

Maybe 3-4 times a year Tim either attends or hosts a LAN party. Last night was one of those nights so this morning the kids I were bums while Tim sleeps of his gaming high. I made muffins, Elise did puzzles and played toddler aps on my phone and the boys crafted, Minecrafted that is. So far they have made a condo for each of them, a waterfall park, a family condo and a whole lot of tunnels. They are making condos instead of houses because they like to have their homes connected.

Tim will be so proud when he walks downstairs and see this sight.

a few more here.

Bath Night

Anytime cottage cheese is on the menu, bath is automatically next on the schedule.

don’t you just want to cuddle her close and give her a big hug?

Look close and you will see a very cranky Patrick. Patrick was having a Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very Bad Day (Birthday Hint for PATRICK!) yesterday. He told me many times that he did not love me anymore.

I don’t know if it is my mothering instinct finally kicking in or my soft spot for kids with character but for whatever reason- this photo of him all cranky makes me love him even more – even if he proclaimed on multiple occacsions that “I don’t love you mom.”

Look again at the above photo and notice the tiny box in the right hand corner of my laptop screen. That is my Eye-Fi card (remember my extra cool, extra geeky birthday gift from Tim?) in action. As I was taking these photos the Eye-Fi card was uploading them to my laptop. I don’t know how it does it. Tim could probably tell you but I like the mystery of it. I am still angry at him for ruining the whole Willy Wonka explanation of the miracle of television!

Here it is in action again with Elise admiring. Don’t worry Tim. I didn’t let her cottage cheese paws touch the laptop!

It must be noted that after a bribe of movie time on the couch followed by a bath of his own Patrick said, “I love you again Mom.”

New Server for the website

The website is now completed moved onto new Virtual server hosted in data center somewhere outside of Dallas, TX.  You may (hopefully) notice that the website is running much faster.  It’s especially noticable with pictures and photo albums.

Previously the website was hosted on Godaddy, which was also where we registered the domain timandmeg.net.  It was easy and convenient to manage that all in one place, but the combination of pitiful performance, and the constant price raising (and nagging upselling) that constantly occurs with Godaddy made me want to reevaluate our options.

I discussed these 3 options with Meg:

  1. Move to another provider like godaddy
  2. Go the completly free route, and move the blog to a service like wordpress, blogger, or tumblr, and the photos to flickr or picassa web albums.
  3. Purchase a virtual host and do everything from scratch by ourselves.

We ened up going with the third option, as it gives us the most freedom.  Basically we now have a small virtual server that I have absolute control over.  This server is dedicated entire to us, so we’re not constantly fighting a company like Godaddy’s constant need to raise their profits by splitting performance across as many websites as possible. 

The downside is that it’s more work to setup and manage (Apache, php, mysql), but that’s exactly the type of “work” I find fun, so in the end I think it was a good choice.

It also gives us the freedom to do whatever we want with the website (including some non-website stuff), so expect to see the results of that new freedom soon in things such as a better gallery for photos that allows you to comment on individual pictures and more.

p.s. For those curious, the VPS I went with is www.linode.com, who I would now heartily recommend to anyone at this point.