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Earth Day

Its Earth Day!

Do a little something something to be a bit greener today.

Even if it as small as making a pledge to yourself to turn off the TV (BETH!) when you leave the room or switch one old light bulb to a new energy efficient light bulbs. Every little thing counts. It all adds up to make a difference.

We are planning on digging and getting as much yard work done as we can so we can start planing/planting our garden, a few shrubs and possibly a tree ( I am still trying to convince Tim we need another tree out front)

We ave been making a very conscience effort over the last 2 years to really be better. For us, it isn’t a band wagon thing, or a passing Hollywood fad,  after having the boys we are more aware… of everything. House hunting was about finding a good safe neighborhood just as much as finding the house, making healthy food choices (or trying to at least) and exercising so we will be able to play with our kids (and torture them with a constant shower of love and attention all through their teen and college years until they eventually come around and realize how cool we actually are) AND making an effort to make sure they have a clean safe place to raise there own kids.

Really. If we don’t do something now, it will be Michael and his kids who will have to pay the price. That is one generation away!

So plant a tree, change a bulb, bring your own bad to the super market. If not for your own satisifaction of doing something good, do it for Michael and Patrick. And if you think this is all a load of bolognia and the “fad” will blow over just like acid washed jeans and neon t-shirts, fine. But really, whats it going to hurt to make a little effort? Unlike acid washed jeans and neon t-shirts, at least being green won’t make for yet another embarrassing picture in the family photo album!