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At 4 am this morning Michael woke up crying, which is rare. So very rare. We comforted him, gave him so warm milk and talked about how even if you are scared mom and dad are here to keep you safe….

Tim and I went back to bed, patting ourselves on the back and doing sleepy high fives celebrating our parenting awesomeness. We went to bed thinking their would be a Best Handling of Nightmare award on our door step the next morning.

There wasn’t an award, in fact the opposite. Michael was sick. A fever of 100.8 sick. Accompanied by a runny nose and signs of an ear infection.

I was able to get him into the doctor early this afternoon and she matched my suspisions of ear infection and raised me a “better test for H1N1.”

The doc did a quick test and 20 minutes later, just minutes from pulling into our driveway, the clinic called and told me the test was positive.

Yeah! Michael passed his test. Joy. Lovely. Wonderful…. not so much….

Right now it is 6:09. Tim will be home soon with antibiotics for Michael’s double ear infection and anti-viral meds for both the boys. Patrick will get H1N1. There is no avoiding it, but hopefully the dose of anti-viral meds will help him better fight the infection.Patrick still has no temperature and Michael is now at 100.9 -which is up from earlier when he was down to 99.2.

We will all be getting sick in the next few days. Your prayers would be appreciated.

I am watching Michael like a hawk. We are lucky to have my Mom. She has direct access to all the latest info on H1N1. She is going above and beyond her Grandma duties making sure we know everything we should so we can fight this the best we can.

We know to watch for the second crash, we are tracking temps, listening for changes in breathing and watching energy levels.

We are also watching Madagascar, Elmo and Clifford. We are reading books and playing giraffe and zebra and making sure the little plastic cow eats (the green rug) three square meals a day.

We will keep you all posted via the website and email.

Friday Oct 23rd 12:30

The boys are down for nap right now.

Michael seems to have gotten some energy back this morning. Not the usual chase Lucy around the house energy, but he was able to muster up enough to stand on the couch and roar like Alex the Lion while watching Madagascar for the 1000th time.

Patrick is showing signs of battling off the infection. He has red eyes, less spunk than normal and is needing a bit more love than he does on an average day. He has yet to spike a fever though, so I think the meds are helping.

Tim and I are both feeling the fight coming on. Our bodies are tired and we are sneezing and have runny noses. I am just heading up to rest while the boys nap. Tim is at work (I know! I don’t think he should be there either! But if her gets all his shiz done today, he can relax this weekend)

I will keep updating as we get better. Because we will get better and soon. Positive attitude help, right?!