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Halloween 2015

I have given up the idea that I am able to influence their costume choices. It would be fun if they would like one of the costume themes that I come up with, but they were not into that this year. They each wanted their own costume and none of them wanted to match the other.

Fine. Whatever. They win. So I set aside my dreams of Harry, Ron and Hermione. And all the other trios that would make for fun costumes and let them pick.

Michael chose to be a Dementor from Harry Potter. Patrick picked Jack the Pumpkin King. And Elise declared that she wanted to be a “Rainbow Bird”

I have to admit… they chose some pretty fun costumes. It may not be a theme but they all looked cute and were super excited about their costumes.

I guess Rainbow Birds are a bit sassy.

Michael the Dementor

Patrick the Pumpkin King

Elise as Rainbow Bird

I still have no idea where she came up with “Rainbow Bird” but she was happy with what I made so I am going to call it a win.

We were invited to a Halloween party so Tim and I dressed up too. Separately, Tim is a bottle of Sriracha and I am a hen. Together we are Spicy Chicken!


More pictures here.

Halloween 2014

Trying to get a photo of these three together is getting easier. I can now get them all in the frame of the shot with out tears unlike their first Halloween with all three of them!

Now the problem is that once I get them in the frame there is no telling what will happen, especially when they are in costume. I have to say that the theatre geek in me is quite impressed at how committed the boys were to their characters.

They are silly and wonderful kids.

Here they are in full Minnesota Halloween costumes. Harry Potter was the best costume for the cold weather. Dorothy was the worst. Thank goodness the coat from last year’s Eloise costume still fits her. The fleece lined leggings helped keep her warm too.

Tim took this photo for me before we headed out to Trick or Treat.

The stars and stripes on their costumes are glow in the dark tape. Safety first when running around the neighborhood at night asking strangers for candy!


Toto made the trip around the block too. I think this may be the last year I pull the wagon while trick or treating.

The kids chose two candies each when we got home. Then they put on pjs and sat in front of the fireplace to thaw out.

The sugar crash happened shortly after.


more photos here.

Halloween 2014: Michael

In March we went to Harry Potter world. The kids loved it.

After that trip Tim and I bought the box set of all the Harry Potter books. Tim began reading a little bit to the kids every night. We have made it through the first two books now. Because of this, It should come as no surprise that Michael wanted to be Harry Potter for Halloween.

It timed out rather perfectly that we finished the 2nd Harry Potter book the weekend before Halloween. We made a weekend out of it. On Friday we made wands. On Saturday we went for a hike through the Dark Forest to look for clues of Aragog. And then on Saturday night we laid out a bunch of drink mixes and let the kids mix their own “potion drinks.” I filled tiny cauldrons from the dollar spot at Target with “every flavor beans” and we had a Harry Potter movie night. We pulled out the bean bag bed, spread out blankets and cuddled up and watch Harry Potter battle Aragog and the Basilisk.

There couldn’t have been a better lead up to wearing a Harry Potter costume. Michael was in character the minute he put on his cloak and grabbed his wand.

I made the cloak by altering a grim reaper pattern. The tie was ordered from The Tie Bar. The dress shirt was from Christmas last year and the sweater was thrifted from Once Upon a Child.

He was a great Harry Potter and I am excited to report that he wants to be Harry Potter again next year. Yes! Costume for 2015 done and done!

Last Halloween Photos, I promise.

Elise chose a super cute character to be for Halloween, but that super cute character’s costume didn’t lend itself to the chilly Minnesota climate very well so we had to improvise.

I scored the skirt on landsend.com  for $7.99 because all their school uniform clothes were on clearance at the time. It is a great skirt that will last a long time. The shirt is also from Lands End. I had to order the suspenders from Amazon because no body sells kid suspenders in stores anymore – believe me I checked them all. The knee-high socks and shoes were cheap from Target.

So even though I spent just under the amount on both of the  boys’ costumes combined on Elise’s costume, everything that I bought can be worn again in a non costume setting. The boys will wear their costumes until they don’t fit or the seams rip but they won’t be wearing them to school or church.

What really tipped the Halloween budget scales was Elise and my hunt to find a red pea coat so she could still be Eloise while trick or treating, but also be warm enough not to turn into a popsicle.

We ended up finding a great coat at Old Navy, and I bought it extra big so it should last two years, maybe three if I stop feeding her veggies and protein.

All of that back story on the costume was leading up to this, the reason we were at the Mall of America the morning of Halloween was because the Old Navy in the MOA was the only Old Navy within a 30 mile radius that had a red pea coat in stock. Naturally I took advantage of the setting and took some photos of Elise as Eloise pretending to be in front of her home, the Plaza.

Elise, “I am Eloise.”


“I am six!”


“I have a dog and the dog’s name is Weenie! The dog is small. Lucy is a big dog.”


Patrick spent the week coaching Elise. I didn’t do any of this. Patrick would say a line and Elise would recite the line back to him. He would make a great director.


“I live at a HOTEL! PAZA HOTEL!” (she can’t say the ‘pl’ sound yet)


Last year’s Lady Bug Girl costume was super cute but this year’s costume was way more fun. Both required a dog and both were literary characters. I think I see a trend starting. Maybe Annie and Sandy next year? Elise has 364 more days to choose.

Tim and I both agree that the costume was worth every penny.