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Halloween 2013

I wanted them to be Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach. They had something else in mind.

Michael as Tree Rex from the video game Skylander’s Giants.




Patrick as Chop Chop from the video game Skylander’s Giants.



Elise as Eloise.



Trick or treating lasted about an hour. Elise made it most of the way. Beth came with and was kind enough to push Elise in the stroller up to a few doorways so Elise could yell Trick or Treat from the comfort of the stroller without ever having to leave the warmth of the quilt on her lap.







Elise as Eloise

Today was Elise’s Preschool Halloween Parade. To say she was stoked to put on her costume is an understatement!

Eloise with her puppy side-kid Weenie!



I had to think about it but today marked the third Y Preschool Halloween Parade I have watched. It should have been the 4th Y Preschool Halloween Parade.

Follow the links to the post written about each year.

Michael 2010

Patrick’s 2011– I scoured our website and was confused why I didn’t have a photo of Patrick in his Ghost costume from when he was in the 4 year old class and then I looked on my Facebook timeline.


Thank goodness for social media otherwise I wouldn’t have any idea of what my children’s childhood was like.

Patrick’s 2012

Elise’s 2013



Halloween 2012: Part Two

We conquered our block and the boys each have a bucket full of candy. Elise has a bucket with a maybe a dozen pieces of candy. She really just prefered to sit in the wagon covered in her blanket and watch the excitement from the comfort of the wagon.

Here a few of my favorite photos from before we headed out.