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Fall 2015 Header

We had a long fall here in MN. In fact today, 4 days into November, it hit 62 degrees!

The weather has been gorgeous and some kids have even been wearing shorts to school. My kids have not been wearing shorts to school though because I am desperately behind on sock folding. Want to know a secret? Not once this week did my kids go to school with matching socks.

Anyways… the warm weather and the late turning of the leaves is why this is our greenest Fall Header yet! I missed the window of time where all the leaves were beautiful reds, oranges and yellows but this photo was taken the week of Patrick’s birthday so it counts for Fall, y’all!


Spring 2014 Header

Unfortunately the kitchen floor is being ripped up again (as I type this they are banging away and the dog is barking) and not all the cabinets are installed yet so I can not feature the kitchen on the header image this season. Maybe by Spring 2015.

I guess the kids smiley faces will have to do. Thank you Disney Vacation for the rosy cheeks and big smile.



You can find more old headers here. They do not go back to 2006 when we started the blog because we have gone through a few different blog styles since the beginning.