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Instagram Favorite

One of my favorite recent Instagram posts:

“I am having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that the boy schooling me in #SkipBo is the same baby boy in the photo behind him. #familygamenight #theygrowuptoofast #parenting”

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It has taken 3 weeks and I think we are finally falling into our new routine. I don’t need to consult the weekly calendar as often to remember what days are swimming lesson days and what days are library days. I know the average time it takes to walk to the school with or without a stroller full of bikes, scooters, helmets and Elise.

Life is good. Life is busy. Life is crazy.

As September turns into October things will get even busier. October is Patrick’s birthday Month. October is Halloween. October usually means dragging out coats, hats and mittens. School is in full swing and the grace period is over and homework is starting to be sent home. Michael has already had a spelling test. He got 15 out 16 right! He reversed the letter ‘c’ in one of his words and it was counted wrong. I would have gave it to him but I am a mom not a teacher. This is one of many reasons of why I would be horrible at homeschooling.

I am ready for the change of seasons, the colder weather and the planning of costumes. I am almost ready to tackle the planning of another birthday party. The theme of Patrick’s party changes daily because Patrick changes his mind daily. Same goes for his idea about what he wants to be for Halloween.

Really the only things I can count on right now is that Elise will be a princess ballerina for Halloween, that it is time make the kids try on coats and boots to see what still fits from last year and the weekly calendar hanging on the fridge.

Crazy. Busy. Good.


Staycation Pitfalls

Here is how we spent week one of

I have talked about all the great things about a Staycation but to be honest there are some serious pitfalls.

One: When you Staycation you are not at a hotel with housekeepers that make your bed every morning and you are not eating out every meal so you still have to shop for food, prepare the food and clean up after the food.

Two: When Staycationing I like to tackle a few house projects since I have Tim around 24/7. I love being able to check a few things off my list. Tim does not, but he loves me so he helps out anyway. It is a great feeling to tackle some of the bigger projects that take time and extra hands but in doing so we are sacrificing time that could be spent on Staycation Adventures or just sitting around relaxing.

We cleaned out under the deck and  power washed it,  we did major yard work, cleaned house and I started a furniture refinishing project.

Three: We are still at home so we need stay on top of all our regular appointments. The first week of Staycation had a pretty full schedule. We took Elise to the Dentist, Patrick went to Kindergarten Readiness M-F 9-12, swim lessons for all three kids and soccer for the boys.



Those three pitfalls really cut into play and relaxation time. And our first week of Staycation was packed full of all three of those pitfalls. There were a few random trips to the park and we ate out a couple of lunches but that was it on the Staycation front.

In the middle of the week Tim and I celebrated 8 years of marriage by cooking a nice meal together, making our favorite dessert of apples, brie and jam baked into a pastry and watched a movie together cuddled up on the couch. If you are looking for a great date night movie that everyone will love check out Salmon Fishing in Yemen.

It was a great anniversary but Tim thought that was all we were planning on doing. He had no idea that Beth and I had been scheming for over a month to help fill Tim and my wildest Staycation dreams. More on that later.

All photos on this post are from my Instagram feed. 

Elise as Carrie

I shot this at the park this morning because all I could think of was Carrie when I saw her running up and down the hill.

Does this bring back memories for anyone else?

And a couple Instagrams from this morning:
Studies show that this is the most funest way to ride a swing.

Path of least resistance or Road less travelled. One of life tough choices right here folks.