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Stop SOPA and PIPA

SOPA would change everything and not in a good way.

If congress passes SOPA and PIPA not only will the big internet companies be affected, our little blog would change too. We couldn’t share videos with you anymore and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Please take a minute and read this:

Or watch this:


We now have internet up, not exactly running though. Tim’s computer (the main one we both use) got shook around in the move and is on the fritz. I am on Tim’s work laptop now.

Hopefully Tim will be able to get his computer up and running again. Until then, there probably will not be to many updates… even if we did have a working computer, we still have unpacking to do before we start on computers.

I have put my foot down. No computers or Myth box until we are settled!

Mythbox, and Internet TV

With the complete lack of programming on TV lately (unless you call American Gladiators programming) due to the writer strike, we’ve turned to a new form of media. I’ve downloaded a cool plugin for our Mythbox called MythStream, which allows the streaming of internet content like podcasts, or You Tube videos. It’s amazing the alternative content out there on the internet for free.

Our current favorites are Diggnation and Winelibrary TV.

There are many more shows out there with a variety of different interests, you just have to search around a bit to find them.

One of my favorite Internet TV “Stations” is Revision3.