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Little Casanova

a conversation with Patrick.

“Mom, do you know what my teacher said?”

“No I don’t. What did your teacher say?”

“My teacher said that you can’t kiss at school.”


“Yeah she said you can’t kiss at school. You have to kiss at home.”

“Okay. Well then, no kissing at school. But you can kiss at home. That is a good rule.”

“Yeah. She said that you can only hug at school. No kissing at school. Only hugs.”

“Patrick, did you try and kiss someone at school?”


“Who did you try and kiss?”

“My freind.”

“Which friend?”

“All of my friends.”

“All of them?”

“Yeah. But Logan didn’t like it.”

A quick lesson in English

compliments of five year old Michael.

“Mom you did not drove, you drived. Drove is when you go really fast. Drived is when you just go fast. Got it Mom? Drove is really fast. Drived is fast.”


A few quotes from the boys while watching the the Rockettes on the Today show this morning. I wish I would have been video taping this. They were awestruck.

Michael, “I can do that when I am six. When I am six I will know how to kick my feet up.”

Patrick, “They are green and white like Bongo but they are girls”

Michael, “I can do a spin on one foot and a twirl. That’s how we do a twirly step. We just stand on one foot and spin.”

And my favorite was from Patrick when all the ladies lined up and did their high kicks:

Patrick, “That person has a lot of legs.”

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