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Last Night Before Kindergarten

Guess who cried while reading bedtime stories tonight?



I did. I am the one who cried. If you ever have a kid going into Kindergarten, do not read “The Night Before Kindergarten.” It was handed down to us from a neighbor who used to be a Kindergarten teacher. She should have known better. This book should come with a warning

Tomorrow she starts Kindergarten.


Patrick’s First Day of Kindergarten

Remember how I told you yesterday that This is Patrick’s World and we all just live in it? Well, no surprise here when I asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up and he answered…

Today he had orientation starting at 10:30 and then he stays and finishes out the day at school. Tomorrow will be his first full day, but I thought today was close enough. Today he was left alone at Kindergarten and even if it wasn’t for the full day, he is there. I am here. It counts.

I am so excited that he has the same teacher that Michael had last year. It makes the transition easier for both Patrick and me. I know the drill and Patrick has been in the classroom and heard stories about the teacher.

It couldn’t have been a better orientation. He colored nicely when he was supposed to be coloring. He introduced himself to his new classmates without being prompted. He sat quietly and listened to the teacher read a story.

I cried when it was time to leave. He gave me a hug and a kiss and then he bent down and gave Elise a hug and a kiss.

(he isn’t looking at the camera but this is still my favorite photo from this morning. So Patrick.)

Today Patrick’s teacher met the sweet, empathetic, generous and kind Patrick. Lets hope she sees more of that Patrick than the Patrick that took food blue food coloring and squirted all around the house yesterday.


Last Day of Kindergarten

I can NOT believe it is the last day of Kindergarten for our oldest. My goodness. Wasn’t I just worried about whether or not he would ever take his first steps and now here he is writing “Thank you for being my teacher” onto note cards for his two teachers.



Just like Patrick’s teachers, Michael’s teachers got a note with a Target gift card. With Michael’s teachers I put the note and GC in a bucket from the dollar spot at Target because all year the teachers stressed the importance of  being a “bucket filler” to the kids. Bucket filling comes from this book and it is super cute. Give it a read sometime.

I even found Target GCs with a dog in a bucket. I am thinking that I am pretty clever this morning. Excuse the photography. I was clever but very rushed. No time to mess around with settings and try to get a good shot. The card with the phrase “It takes a big heart to shape little minds” is a printable from Bitsy Creations that I edited a bit in GIMP and made into cards.


The irresistibly cute school bus cards are a free printable from Caravan Shoppe. I love them so much that I printed out four and wrote a little note inside for each of Michael’s bus drivers and the aide that rides the bus too.





And what you really wanted to see:




Kindergarten Celebration

Yesterday afternoon our neighbor watched Elise and Patrick so both Tim and I could go to Michael’s Kindergarten Celebration.

I blurred the following photo because I know some people are sensitive about having their kids’ photo on the internet but as I was uploading it I thought to myself, it is a sort of representation of how a parent watches school programs. Every other kid blends into the background and your kiddo is all you see.


After singing a few songs the kids led all the parents outside to where the teaches had set up 6 different stations. The kids had a blast at each station, a true testament to how well the teachers know their students and how good they are at their jobs.

There was a watermelon math station where you estimated how many seeds, counted seeds, added seeds, subtracted seeds and ate watermelon.

The kids played bean bag toss.

They painted with water which I thought was genius. They had squirt bottles, paint rollers and paint brushes and they got to “paint” the brick and pillars with water.

Colored with sidewalk chalk and played at water tables and then there was every kid’s favorite – blowing bubbles.


Michael had a blast but I think I was happier. Let me tell you what; seeing him play with his classmates made my day week month year!


A huge thanks to Ms. S for being so flexible, wonderful, kind and firm teacher. Every teacher should be like her. My fingers are crossed that Patrick has her next year.