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Michael’s First Full Day of Full Day Kindergarten

Yesterday was orientation. Today is the real deal. Bus comes at 9:12am and drops him back off at 3:57pm.

It is a cooler morning, so he is dressed warm. He was really excited about his new guitar sweatshirt because in music yesterday the teacher played guitar!

Proof that he is getting bigger? Look at these size 13 bad boys!

Last Year’s First Day Pic.

And today. One year and 6 days later.

“Weather Man get to see all the weather in the entire world!”

Yesterday he got to bring home a book from the classroom library and it was called Hurricanes and Tornadoes. He was so excited. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or if the teacher read every single kid’s survey form about what they like and are into and stocked the class library accordingly, either way – Nice job teach! Michael already knows what book he will be choosing today, a book about lightning.

God help any kid that stands between him and that book!

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