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The Contractors are 95% done

And now our work has begun.

We have unpacked most of the boxes. We are loving all the appliances. The table that has been in my family since it came over on the boat from Norway over a century ago, fits into banquette perfectly.

And most exciting of all the sink and counters are in. Life is good. Now as soon as I get the office set up again I can start sewing the pad for the benches, curtains and pillows. I need to set up the command center.

I am finding things to put on my open shelves and choosing what counter appliances go where.

The cat loves the countertops. I tried to set boundaries for her and she bit me, repeatedly. She is a bad cat.



Put a Crown on it!

Elise’s solution to any outfit needing a little accessioning also applies to kitchen cabinets. Put a crown on it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until the contractor was all done that the crown moulding was put on upside down.


I talked to our cabinet maker and he said that if we pulled off the crown it would most likely ruin the cabinets in the process. Both cabinet maker and I are pissed. He is mad that his cabinets were not only installed badly but that the install reflects poorly on him. I am mad because yet again, our contractor screwed up and there is no fix for it.

Both cabinet maker and Tim reassured me that the cabinets and crown still look good and that only we would know that it is upside down. Well… now I have told you all too. What do you think? Just leave it or risk ruining the cabinets?


Kitchen Reno: Adding some bling

After hours and hours of searching through photos online I had decided on the hardware for the kitchen cabinets. We headed to Menards to see if they had a slightly cheaper option in the same style as my favorite online hardware and impulsively changed my vision of softening up all the angles of our shaker cabinets with classic round knobs to going for a more fun and playful octagon knob. It may not look that different but I think it makes a huge difference.

I love my Octoknobs. Tim loves them too because they are… something mathematical.

I went around and marked all the cabinets and then Tim did the scariest Kitchen Reno job yet. He drilled into our brand new custom cabinets.




And then the meticulous and scary pulls were marked, templates lined up and Tim started drilling again.




Putting in the pulls took an extra trip to Menards. It took Tim three separate drill bits to get each hole drilled for the pulls. There are two holes needed per knob. Tim put in 7 pulls on Sunday afternoon.

Starred Photos19


Starred Photos20


It was a long process to get all the knobs and pulls in and they still are not all in.

I can not figure out what to do for the wider drawers. Two pulls per drawer? And then what should I do for the tall doors on the pantries? More knobs or a handle?

The other thing that Tim did on Sunday was getting the new light fixture installed. We see the contractor every few days. Sometimes he stops by for 20 minutes and sometimes it is for a few hours. It is never consistent and it never feels super productive. Maybe I just have a bad attitude after 3 months of what the contractor said would be a 3 week project. But I am not impressed. Tim and I have been doing more than we should to keep the process moving, but if it gets us closer to finished we will install lights and hardware.

I will post a better photo of the new light soon.

For now you can bask in the glory of our awesome camping sink situation. I know you are jealous. That faucet used to give me something to look forward to while I did dishes in a tub that I filled from the bathroom sink. Now I just feel like that faucet is mocking me.

Not ready to laugh yet

You know when things are so overwhelming, frustrating and maddening and you are exhausted and you feel like you could cry or scream but instead you just start laughing? I don’t know what professional shrinks call this phenomenon but I assume it is akin to when someone laughs at a horrible moment in a movie because they are just so tense that they need some sort of relief from the scene.

I am not quite to the laughing part of this renovation.

We were told we could move back into our house today. Nothing could be placed on the newly stained and sealed floors but we could walk on them. That meant we could check out of the hotel, sleep in our own beds, and hang out in the almost finished basement.

When I walked into the house this morning I was encouraged by the tolerable level of fumes and the color on the floors looked great. There was bubbling in the topcoat but that is to be expected before the final sand and seal which will be the last thing that happens before the renovation is complete.

When I walked into the kitchen this is what I found.



Tim and I pointed out the gaps in the flooring when we came home to the unfinished floors after vacation. We were promised the gaps would be filled. We asked why the less damaged area had been replaced but not the area in front of the fridge that got the most water. We were told the gaps would be filled.



Not okay.


I talked with the contractor. He is called the subcontractors. Our contractor admitted this was his fault. The subcontractors did what was asked of them. Our contractor told us that the sub contractors are “super busy” and they will not be able to come back and fix the floors for 3 weeks. Three weeks.

I am not ready to laugh yet.