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Snow Bunnies

I caught these ladies just as they were coming back from a hike through the coulees. Lucy is happiest at the Cabin. I feel guilty every time we take her away from there.

I love these photos. I have such fond memories of spending time with my Grandmas growing up. I love nothing more than seeing my kids make memories with my parents knowing full well that someday they will cherish these times as much as I cherish my memories of hanging out with my Grandmas. Elise is extra lucky here because Auntie Buffy was along for the fun!

More photos will be added to this album as I finish editing.

He may try and tell you otherwise

But whatever ever he says, know this, Tim loves these animals.


Tim makes his lunch every night night for work the next day. Lucy and Astird are his vigilant audience. The animals are there for him if he drops a crumb. Tim won’t admit it but I am pretty sure that the crumbs he drop are no accident.