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Two Down

Yesterday Michael came home from school and when I asked him how his day was he game me a thumbs up. I was immediately suspicious because my boy always has at least a one minute monologue to share with me about how his day went. I followed him around as he put his winter gear in the basket, put his lunch box on the counter and hung up his back pack. By the time he was hanging up his back pack he was dancing with excitement, but still speechless. Then he turned around and exclaimed, “I couldn’t finish my apple today? You want to know why? Guess why Mom! (before I could begin to guess) MY TOOTH FELL OUT WHEN I CRUNCHED!” and then he gave me the biggest smile and proceeded to perform the rest of his monologue. I will spare you all the test because the boy can talk in circles, but he had the tooth, dropped it in the hall on the carpet on the way to the school nurse, told the nurse, nurse gave him water and an envelope and told him to find the tooth and he went back to the carpeted area and found the tooth.

Thank goodness Tim picked up a few of the golden dollars at the bank last week. It has been a busy week for the Tooth Fairy.

first tooth lost

December Photo Project- Day One

Or as the cool kids call it, DPP.

My cousin by marriage and fellow blog enthusiast, Rebecca, started the DPP a few years ago. Yesterday on facebook she publicly called me out and wrote, “Hey Megan. You, my dear cousin-by-marriage, should join the December Photo Project. Just sayin’. :)”

So here I am cracking under peer pressure from the powers of the internets.

Readers Digest version of what this is all about? A bunch of bloggers post a photo a day from December 1st – Christmas Day. So basically signing up has committed me to post a photo for you everyday. In return I get to challenge myself to try and take a photo worth posting everyday. Not a bad deal, eh? For more info of what the DPP is read here. You can also check it out by clicking on the DPP button on the left sidebar of the website. That button will be there all month. Check it out. Others much more skilled at the art of photography will also be partaking in the project.

I have owned my camera, Canon Power Shot SX10IS, for 3 years now and while I have skimmed the manual I have yet to really dig in and learn how to use it. In the next 25 days expect to see shots of me testing out RAW, depth of field, night time shots, the art of taking a photo of a kid running through a badly lit house and more that I won’t know about until I actually read the manual!

For now and until I get some coffee in me, here is what I got. This morning we woke up to snow. Yesterday no snow. Today, December 1st, snow. Even Mother Nature knows ‘Tis the Season. The boys were excited to see the snow but what made them shout with joy was when Lucy took those first steps outside and made, “FOOTPRINTS!”

Of course immediately after the dog went out and made FOOTPRINTS the boys started eagerly chatting about snow boots, snow pants, hats, mittens…. everything a mother dreads about winter. The layers and layers of clothes needed to just get them out the door. I won’t complain too much about this because the boys are much more self sufficient this year then they were last year. Right now I am excited to see them throw themselves on the ground and make snow angels. I can’t wait for them to attempt to make a snowman. I smile thinking about them racing around the yard looking over their shoulder at their FOOTPRINTS!

Burn Out

I have been burned out big time lately and the website has suffered, more than suffered it was like one of those sad eyed neglected children with a distended belly and flees flying around its matted hair… okay maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point.

These past few months – starting around the beginning of fall up to the holidays – have been really tough. Shitty would be more honest, shitty both figuratively and literally. Potty training was a complete bust. Michael will not do it. I can not get him to say a final good bye to his diapers. So besides the literally shitty-ness that was happening behind curtains, in corners and all over our new wood floors there was the figurative shitty-ness that almost broke our spirits. It started with an H1N1 scare, then a couple bad colds for the boys then of course Tim and I got sick. Just when we thought we were turning the corner on all the sickness Michael got really sick. We found out that he actually did have H1N1. Then Patrick got it but not as bad because of the drugs the Doctor prescribed. Shortly after that I started getting sick too. I didn’t have H1N1. Nope, I had something else. After five failed tests the sixth finally confirmed that I was sick from the baby that was growing in my belly. Pregnant! Again! Number three will be here in July. The due date is July 14th. This news was not shitty. This news kept us going and made us so very happy. However on top of being elated over being pregnant I was sick. I had severe all day morning sickness. It got so bad that i needed to go on meds just to get through the day. I lived on applesauce and saltines for almost 2 months. It was the best diet I have ever been on. I dropped major weight and eating became a 3 times a day battle. And during all of this it was crazy busy Roll Out time for Tim. He was working on average 90-100 hours a week.

It was a challenging few months, so yes, the website did suffer. We will get some pics up soon and maybe even a few videos. Mom- I am still trying to capture Michael singing Jesus Loves me on video. I promise to post the video as soon as I trick Michael into singing in front of the camera!

Christmas was a nice break-even if that break included 2 feet of snow. The boys had a blast playing with family and being spoiled with tons of toys. Tim and I were grateful for the time to relax (and for all the great loot ).

I am starting to feel better. The all day morning sickness is now just morning sickness sprinkled with a few boughts of sickness through out the day usually around meal time. I have been able to put back on all the weight I lost so that is some good news. Tim says this one has to be a girl because boys don’t cause this much trouble!

This post has been a serious downer. This fall and the start of winter hasn’t been all bad. We had a great Thanksgiving with just the 4 of us. Michael’s obsession with animals has jump started a love for learning. Because of animals he now knows his alphabet and sings his ABCs with out hesitation, he counts to 50 (then gets confused and goes back to 15) and he sings Jesus Loves Me all by himself. Patrick learns a new word everyday and expresses himself so well, better than Michael ever did at this age. His new word today was monkey. He is also counting. He only counts to 2 consistently. An occasional 3 is thrown in there but that is only when he is counting with Michael.

So I guess all and all the Lord never gives us more than we can handle… He tested us this fall but through Him and some strong meds from our doctor we made it through!

And yes Beth, You read this whole thing and I didn’t attach any pics. Give me time. I will try my best to get some up tonight.

Time Out!

I am surviving, one would say almost thriving!

Things are going better than expected on the home front. Patrick is such a great baby. Michael is testing his limits. It did not take him long to discover that while I am feeding Patrick he can get away with anything. Poor Patrick, I had to stop feeding him a couple times already this morning to pull Michael off of the end table, kitchen chair and the trunk! He is such a climber.

Because of his climbing, Michael got his first time out. He managed to push/pull a kitchen chair to the kitchen counter, climb up on the chair and grab the bowl of m&ms. Lesson learned, just one more reason not to have a bowl of m&ms in the house 🙂 Michael was not to impressed with the time out, in fact, I think he discovered how to pout. He stuck out that lower lip and look up from his pack n’ play with big sad eyes. So cute.

I thought I would feel guilty about splitting my time between the two and that that would be my biggest battle, but as it turns out, I don’t feel guilty at all. Bad mom, I know. Mom’s are suppose to feel guilty when they can’t give their child what they want, oh well. But really, in my defense, if Michael has to wait an extra minute or so to get his sippy cup while I change PJ’s diaper, he will live. It may seem like the end of the world to him, but it isn’t. Believe me, I know, I tested my theory this morning. Michael had two wait almost 3 minutes to get what he wanted and he was ok… who would have thought!

Who would have guessed that it would take having two boys under two for me to finally learn how to manage my time!